WAAA and National Championships Medallists - Pentathlon/Heptathlon

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WAAA Championships

Pentathlon (LJ, 200, 80H, SP, HJ) - 1950 tables, except 1949 (1954 tables in parenthesis)
1949Bertha Crowther327 (3901 NR)Paddy Gunn288Christine Wheeler262
1950Bertha Crowther2949 (3829)Paddy Gunn2762 (3712)Sheila Pratt2455 (3462)
1951Dorothy Tyler3224 NR (3953)Bertha Crowther2948 (3810)Marie Bridgford2877 (3768)
1952Sheila Sewell (Pratt)2544 (3514)Marie Bridgford2420 (3445)Brenda Murfitt2323 (3399)
1953Jean Desforges3221 (3997 NR)Joan Linsell2931 (3815)Betty Lovell2903 (3761)
1954Jean Desforges3170 (3973)Pamela French2983 (3854)Betty Lovell2695 (3639)
Pentathlon (LJ, 200, 80H, SP, HJ) - 1954 tables
1955Margaret Rowley3943Carole Quinton3786Janis Long3744
1956Margaret Rowley3812Mary Peters3679Alma Osborne3656
1957Margaret Rowley4183Joan Day3964Janet Pulfer3706
1958Janet Gaunt3887Jean Adamson3661Maeve Kyle IRL3655
1959Mary Bignal4679 NRJean Adamson4092Janet Gaunt4027
1960Mary Bignal4568Janet Gaunt4261Pat Nutting4051
1961Carole Hamby3986Brenda Gill3972Janet Gaunt3923
1962Mary Peters4190Brenda Gill3891Christine Lilleyman3762
1963Mary Peters4385Brenda Gill4009Pat Nutting3992
1964Mary Peters4801 NRBrenda Gill4045Annette Fathers3588
1965Mary Peters4413Pat Jones4083Gwenda Matthews3979
1966Mary Peters4625Gwenda Hurst (Matthews)4151Alix Jamieson4070
1967Janet Oldall3965Linda Carruthers3944Pat Whitehead3855
1968Mary Peters4723Sue Scott4622Sue Hayward4326
Pentathlon (100H, SP, HJ, LJ, 200) - 1954 tables (1971 tables in parenthesis)
1969Moira Walls4591 (4021)Shirley Clelland4279 (3708)Barbara Corbett4222 (3650)
1970Mary Peters4841 (4233)Janet Oldall4410 (3847)Shirley Clelland4332 (3760)
1971Janet Honour (Oldall)4571 (3994)Judy Vernon4544 (3969)Nnenna Njoku NGR4297 (3727)
Pentathlon (100H, SP, HJ, LJ, 200) - 1971 Tables
1972Ann Wilson4292Ruth Martin-Jones4206Janet Honour4005
1973Mary Peters4429Gladys Taylor3876Janet Honour3837
(Sue Mapstone finished 2nd as a guest with 3994 points)
1974Ann Wilson4248Gladys Taylor4003Sue Wright3984
1975Sue Wright4196Ann Wilson4070Hazel Oakes4049
1976Sue Longden (Wright)4337Sue Mapstone4110Pat McNab3986
Pentathlon (100H, SP, HJ, LJ, 800) - 1971 Tables
1977Sue Longden4152 NRYvette Wray3930Susan Wright3897
1978Yvette Wray4140Sue Mapstone4121Gillian Evans4070
1979Marcia Marriott3897Judy Livermore3738Kim Hagger3683
1980Sue Longden4409 NRYvette Wray4278Judy Livermore4259


- 1971 tables (1984 tables in parenthesis)
1981Kathy Warren5674 (5553)Sarah Owen5519 (5362)Joanne Taylor5097 (4890)
1982Judy Livermore5895 (5795)Kathy Warren5618 (5468)Sarah Rowe5541 (5342)
1983Judy Livermore5940 (5850)Kim Hagger5842 (5765)Kathy Warren5509 (5349)
1984Sarah Owen5150 (4880)Madeleine Cropper5099 (4847)Charmaine Johnson4963 (4681)
Heptathlon - 1984 tables
1985Ann Turnbull AUS5289Charmaine Johnson5177wVal Walsh5174w
1986Terri Genge NZL5547Marcia Marriott5538Jackie Kinsella5391
1987Anne Brit Skjaeveland NOR5358Charmaine Johnson5136wDebbie Woolgar5099
1988Joanne Mulliner5728Shona Urquhart5313Judy Simpson (Livermore)5227
1989Kim Hagger6126Joanne Mulliner5677Yinka Idowu5496
1990Joanne Mulliner5679wClova Court5548Jenny Kelly5516
1991Clova Court5875Jenny Kelly5667Charmaine Johnson5400
AAA Championships
1992Clova Court5846Denise Lewis5685Emma Beales5430
1993Clova Court5957Denise Lewis5774Vikki Schofield5268
1994Vikki Schofield5587Pauline Richards5420Uju Efobi5409
1995Emma Beales5524Jenny Kelly5298Kerry Jury5037
1996Kerry Jury5703Pauline Richards5386Julia Bennett5356
1997Clova Court5712Julie Hollman5577Diana Bennett5550
1998Clova Court5639Kim Crowther4680Natalie Butler4561
1999Katherine Livesey4851Kirsty Roger4723Jackie Tindal4705
2000Julie Hollman5560Kelly Sotherton5388Anne Hollman5028
2001Laura Redmond5068Kate Brewington4969Charmaine Johnson4908
2002Caroline Pearce5108Kate Brewington4971Maureen Knight4593
2003Fiona Harrison5517Maureen Knight4748Jemma Scott4546
2004Caroline Pearce5253Wendy Davidson5093wJenny Pacey4805
2005Kate Brewington5041Katia Lannon5021Paula Hendriks5004
(Competition result: 1. Larisa Netseporuk EST 5873, 2. Irina Naumenko KAZ 5121, 3. Brewington)
2006Katia Lannon5071Grace Clements5039Leanne Buxton4825
England Athletics Championships
2007Phyllis Agbo5471Grace Clements5436Julia Bennett5302
2008Julie Hollman5941Grace Clements5698Catherine Holdsworth5385
2009Catherine Holdsworth5421Gemma Weetman5217Laura McGawn5078
2010Dominique Blaize5671Louise Wood5375Sophie Skinner5284
2011Gemma Weetman5379Jo Rowland5229Jessica Taylor5162
2012Jo Rowland5381Jessica Tappin5177Jessica Taylor5138
2013Jessica Tappin5676Karla Drew5389Jade Surman5350
2014Devon Byrne5004Kiara Reddingius AUS4830Elise Lovell4686
2015Elise Lovell5196Moe Sasegbon NGR?5066Niamh Bailey5034
2016Jessica Taylor5913Katie Stainton5777Kiara Reddingius AUS5360
2017Niamh Emerson5801Jessica Taylor-Jemmett5674Lucy Turner5435
2018Chari Hawkins USA6137Diane Marie-Hardy FRA5836Emma Nwofor5559
2019Holly Mills5722Olivia Dobson5552Amaya Scott5456

Top Medallists
1st2nd3rdTotal MedalsYearsYear Span
Mary Peters8191956-197317
Clova Court5161990-19988
Sue Wright/Longden4151974-19806
Janet Honour21251967-19736
Judy Livermore/Simpson21251979-19889
Charmaine Johnson2351984-200117
Janet Gaunt11241958-19613
Jessica Taylor-Jemmett11242011-20176
Brenda Gill441961-19643
Other top winners and long spans
Margaret Rowley331955-19572
Julie Hollman2131997-200811
Kim Hagger11131979-198910
Julia Bennett221996-200711

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