N.U.T.S. Library

NUTS Collection at Cobham Hall

Several important collections of publications and personal papers have been donated to the NUTS via the Sports Archive Foundation. These are currently housed in the Library at Cobham Hall, which was also the original home of The Ashes.

Ian Tempest has provided some notes on the contents and layout, pending further reorganisation:

Notes on the NUTS Library


The main six donated collections have been catalogued by Roy Profitt:

Adobe PDF FormatMicrosoft Word Format
Bob Sparks Collection.pdf (124KB)Bob Sparks Collection.doc (116KB)
Alan Lindop Collection.pdf (69KB)Alan Lindop Collection.doc (76KB)
Peter Martin Collection.pdf (43KB)Peter Martin Collection.doc (52KB)
Norris McWhirter Collection.pdf (37KB)Norris McWhirter Collection.doc (43KB)
Ted O'Neill Collection.pdf (19KB)Ted O'Neill Collection.doc (30KB)
Tony Isaacs Collection.pdf (10KB)Tony Isaacs Collection.doc (23KB)

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To arrange access to the library, please contact Mike Fleet ().