NUTS - Membership Subscription

Membership of the NUTS entitles you to receive all issues of Track Stats that are published during the year, usually four A5 booklets of 64 pages, plus occasional extra editions.

The membership cost for 2019 is 25 for UK addresses.

All members may complete the Renewal Form and post with payment to the Membership Secretary.

For overseas members there is the alternative of paying by PayPal.

Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay by Credit Card via PayPal

NUTS Membership 2019
25 including postage to UK addresses
NUTS Membership 2019
30 including postage to European addresses
NUTS Membership 2019
35 including postage to Rest of the World
Your PayPal details will give us the equivalent information to the renewal form.

British Athletics 2019 may be purchased from when it is published. Details will be placed n the NUTS web-site, and members will be e-mailed to advise of its publication.