AAA and National Championships - Dates and Venues

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These are the venues and dates of the main track and field championships each year. Events such as the marathon, 10 miles and combined events were usually held separately.

Men's Championships

Index of Venues

1866AAC23 MarLondon (BH)Birmingham (A)Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr, Birmingham32831
1867AAC15 AprLondon (BH)Birmingham (ALG)Aston Lower Grounds, Birmingham33
1868AAC19 JunLondon (BH)BromleyOxo Sports Ground, Bromley, Kent11
1869AAC3 AprLondon (LB)CreweAlexander AC Ground, Crewe11
1870AAC8 AprLondon (LB)HuddersfieldHuddersfield Cricket & Athletic Club Grounds22
1871AAC3 AprLondon (LB)London (BH)Beaufort House, West Brompton, London33
1872AAC27 MarLondon (LB)London (Ch)Chiswick, London22
1873AAC5 AprLondon (LB)London (CP)Crystal Palace, London171734
1874AAC30 MarLondon (LB)London (HH)Herne Hill, London11
1875AAC22 MarLondon (LB)London (LB)Lillie Bridge, West Brompton, London1313
1876AAC10 AprLondon (LB)London (SB)Stamford Bridge, London29736
1877AAC26 MarLondon (LB)London (TB)Tooting Bec, London11
1878AAC15 AprLondon (LB)London (WC)White City, London342458
1879AAC7 AprLondon (LB)London (Wo)RMA Garrison Ground, Woolwich Common11
1879LAC14 JunLondon (SB)Manchester (Fa)Fallowfield, Manchester22
1880AAA3 JulLondon (LB)Manchester (OT)Manchester AC Grounds, Old Trafford11
1881AAA16 JulBirmingham (ALG)Manchester (SC)Sport City, Manchester77
1882AAA1 JulStoke-on-TrentMotspur ParkMotspur Park, New Malden, Surrey22
1883AAA30 JunLondon (LB)NorthamptonCounty Cricket Ground, Northampton33
1884AAA21 JunBirmingham (ALG)ReadingPalmer Park, Reading11
1885AAA27 JunSouthportRochdaleThe Athletic Ground, Rochdale11
1886AAA3 JulLondon (SB)Sheffield (DV)Don Valley, Sheffield11
1887AAA2 JulStourbridgeSouthportSports Ground, Southport11
1888AAA30 JunCreweStoke-on-TrentVictoria AC Grounds, Stoke-on-Trent11
1889AAA29 JunLondon (SB)StourbridgeCricket Ground, Stourbridge11
1890AAA12 JulBirmingham (ALG)WolverhamptonMolineux Grounds, Wolverhampton11
1891AAA27 JunManchester (OT)
1892AAA2 JulLondon (SB)
1893AAA1 JulNorthampton
1894AAA7 JulHuddersfield
1895AAA6 JulLondon (SB)
1896AAA4 JunNorthampton
1897AAA3 JulManchester (Fa)
1898AAA2 JulLondon (SB)
1899AAA1 JulWolverhampton
1900AAA7 JulLondon (SB)
1901AAA6 JulHuddersfield
1902AAA5 JulLondon (SB)
1903AAA4 JulNorthampton
1904AAA2 JulRochdale
1905AAA1 JulLondon (SB)
1906AAA7 JulLondon (SB)
1907AAA6 JulManchester (Fa)
1908AAA4 JulLondon (WC)
1909AAA3 JulLondon (SB)
1910AAA2 JulLondon (SB)
1911AAA1 JulLondon (SB)
1912AAA22 JunLondon (SB)
1913AAA5 JulLondon (SB)
1914AAA3-4 JulLondon (SB)
1915-1918 Not held

WAAA Championships

1919AAA5 JulLondon (SB)
1920AAA2-3 JulLondon (SB)
1921AAA1-2 JulLondon (SB)
1922AAA30 Jun-1 JulLondon (SB)various dates & venues
1923AAA6-7 JulLondon (SB)18 AugBromley
1924AAA20-21 JunLondon (SB)28 JunLondon (Wo)
1925AAA17-18 JulLondon (SB)11 JulLondon (SB)
1926AAA2-3 JulLondon (SB)19 JunLondon (SB)
1927AAA1-4 JulLondon (SB)9 JulReading
1928AAA6-7 JulLondon (SB)14 JulLondon (SB)
1929AAA5-6 JulLondon (SB)13 JulLondon (SB)
1930AAA4-5 JulLondon (SB)16 AugLondon (SB)
1931AAA3-4 JulLondon (SB)11 JulLondon (SB)
1932AAA1-2 JulLondon (WC)9 JulLondon (SB)
1933AAA7-8 JulLondon (WC)15 JulLondon (WC)
1934AAA13-14 JulLondon (WC)30 JunLondon (HH)
1935AAA12-13 JulLondon (WC)10 AugLondon (WC)
1936AAA10-11 JulLondon (WC)18 JulLondon (WC)
1937AAA16-17 JulLondon (WC)7 AugLondon (WC)
1938AAA15-16 JulLondon (WC)2 JulLondon (WC)
1939AAA7-8 JulLondon (WC)22 JulLondon (WC)
1940-1944Not held
1945Not held18 AugLondon (TB)
1946AAA19-20 JulLondon (WC)13 JulLondon (WC)
1947AAA18-19 JulLondon (WC)2 AugLondon (Ch)
1948AAA2-3 JulLondon (WC)26 JunLondon (Ch)
1949AAA15-16 JulLondon (WC)9 JulLondon (WC)
1950AAA14-15 JulLondon (WC)8 JulLondon (WC)
1951AAA13-14 JulLondon (WC)7 JulLondon (WC)
1952AAA20-21 JunLondon (WC)14 JunLondon (WC)
1953AAA10-11 JulLondon (WC)4 JulLondon (WC)
1954AAA9-10 JulLondon (WC)19 JunLondon (WC)
1955AAA15-16 JulLondon (WC)2 JulLondon (WC)
1956AAA13-14 JulLondon (WC)11 AugLondon (WC)
1957AAA12-13 JulLondon (WC)6 JulLondon (WC)
1958AAA11-12 JulLondon (WC)7 JunMotspur Park
1959AAA10-11 JulLondon (WC)4 JulMotspur Park
1960AAA15-16 JulLondon (WC)1-2 JulLondon (WC)
1961AAA14-15 JulLondon (WC)8 JulLondon (WC)
1962AAA13-14 JulLondon (WC)7 JulLondon (WC)
1963AAA12-13 JulLondon (WC)6 JulLondon (WC)
1964AAA10-11 JulLondon (WC)4 JulLondon (WC)
1965AAA9-10 JulLondon (WC)3 JulLondon (WC)
1966AAA8-9 JulLondon (WC)1-2 JulLondon (WC)
1967AAA14-15 JulLondon (WC)30 Jun-1 JulLondon (WC)
1968AAA12-13 JulLondon (WC)19-20 JulLondon (CP)
1969AAA1-2 AugLondon (WC)18-19 JulLondon (CP)
1970AAA7-8 AugLondon (WC)19-20 JunLondon (CP)
1971AAA23-24 JulLondon (CP)16-17 JulLondon (CP)
1972AAA14-15 JulLondon (CP)7-8 JulLondon (CP)
1973AAA13-14 JulLondon (CP)20-21 JulLondon (CP)
1974AAA12-13 JulLondon (CP)19-20 JulLondon (CP)
1975AAA1-2 AugLondon (CP)18-19 JulLondon (CP)
1976AAA13-14 AugLondon (CP)20-21 AugLondon (CP)
1977AAA22-23 JulLondon (CP)19-20 AugLondon (CP)
1978AAA23-24 JunLondon (CP)18-19 AugLondon (CP)
1979AAA13-14 JulLondon (CP)27-28 JulLondon (CP)
1980AAA5-6 SepLondon (CP)15-16 AugLondon (CP)
1981AAA7-8 AugLondon (CP)24-25 JulLondon (CP)
1982AAA24-25 JulLondon (CP)30-31 JulLondon (CP)
1983AAA23-24 JulLondon (CP)29-30 JulLondon (CP)
1984AAA23-24 JunLondon (CP)15-16 JunLondon (CP)
1985AAA13-14 JulLondon (CP)26-27 JulBirmingham (A)
1986AAA20-21 JunLondon (CP)6-7 JunBirmingham (A)
1987AAA1-2 AugLondon (CP)24-25 JulBirmingham (A)

Combined Championships

1988AAA/WAAA5-7 AugBirmingham (A)
1989AAA/WAAA11-13 AugBirmingham (A)
1990AAA/WAAA3-4 AugBirmingham (A)
1991AAA/WAAA26-27 JulBirmingham (A)
1992AAA27-28 JunBirmingham (A)
1993AAA16-17 JulBirmingham (A)
1994AAA11-12 JunSheffield (DV)
1995AAA15-16 JulBirmingham (A)
1996AAA14-16 JunBirmingham (A)
1997BAF11-13 JulBirmingham (A)
1997AAA24-25 AugBirmingham (A)
1998AAA24-26 JulBirmingham (A)
1999AAA23-25 JulBirmingham (A)
2000AAA11-13 AugBirmingham (A)
2001AAA13-15 JulBirmingham (A)
2002AAA12-14 JulBirmingham (A)
2003AAA25-27 JulBirmingham (A)
2004AAA10-11 JulManchester (SC)
2005AAA9-10 JulManchester (SC)
2006AAA15-16 JulManchester (SC)
2007NC27-29 JulManchester (SC)
2008NC11-13 JulBirmingham (A)
2009NC10-12 JulBirmingham (A)
2010NC25-27 JunBirmingham (A)
2011NC29-31 JulBirmingham (A)
2012NC22-24 JunBirmingham (A)
2013NC12-14 JulBirmingham (A)
2014NC27-29 JunBirmingham (A)
2015NC3-5 JulBirmingham (A)
2016NC24-26 JunBirmingham (A)
2017NC1-2 JulBirmingham (A)
2018NC30 Jun-1 JulBirmingham (A)
2019NC24-25 AugBirmingham (A)
2020NC4-5 SepManchester (SC)
2021NC25-27 JunManchester (SC)
2022NC24-26 JunManchester (SC)

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