WAAA Indoor Medallists - Pole Vault

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First Second Third
1994Kate Staples3.46 NIRLinda Stanton3.20Rhian Clarke3.20
1995Kate Staples3.80 NIRLinda Stanton3.50Rhian Clarke3.30
1996Kate Staples3.70Janine Whitlock3.70Linda Stanton3.70
1997Janine Whitlock3.70Linda Stanton3.70Rhian Clarke3.70
1998Janine Whitlock4.11Rhian Clarke3.80Emma Hornby3.60
1999Janine Whitlock4.13Tracey Bloomfield3.70Paula Wilson3.60
2000Janine Whitlock4.20Irie Hill3.95Alison Davies3.80
2001Janine Whitlock4.05Clare Ridgley3.50Hilary Smith3.50
2002Janine Whitlock4.20Sandra van der Geer NED4.00Laura Ballotta ITA &
Lucy Webber
2003Tracey Bloomfield4.00Zoe Brown3.90Irie Hill3.80
2004Tracey Grant (Bloomfield)4.15Zoe Brown4.10Hanna Palamaa FIN3.95
2005Janine Whitlock4.25Liz Hughes3.95Kate Dennison3.95
2006Kate Dennison4.10Ellie Spain4.00Kirsty Maguire3.90
2007Kate Dennison4.35Kirsty Maguire4.10Ellie Spain4.00
2008Kate Dennison4.25Louise Butterworth4.15Zoe Brown4.15
2009Kate Dennison4.45 NIREmma Lyons4.25Zoe Brown IRL,
Louise Butterworth &
Sally Scott
2010Kate Dennison4.40Henrietta Paxton4.21Sally Scott4.10
2011Holly Bleasdale4.36Kate Dennison4.26Sally Peake4.16
2012Holly Bleasdale4.70Katie Byres4.37Sally Peake4.27
2013Holly Bleasdale4.77Katie Byres4.20Zoe Brown IRL &
Lucy Bryan
2014Holly Bleasdale4.73Lucy Bryan4.26Zoe Brown IRL &
Sally Peake
2015Sally Peake4.25Abigail Roberts4.00Katie James4.00
2016Sally Peake4.20Jade Ive4.10Anna Gordon4.00
2017Jade Ive4.35Sally Peake4.16Courtney MacGuire3.94
2018Molly Caudery4.25Jade Ive4.25Sally Peake4.15
2019Holly Bradshaw (Bleasdale)4.80Jade Ive4.40Sophie Cook4.30
2020Sophie Cook4.50Natalie Hooper4.00Courtney MacGuire4.00
2021not held
2022Sophie Cook4.45Jade Ive4.4Sophie Ashurst4.15

Top Medallists
1st 2nd 3rd Total Medals Years Year Span
Janine Whitlock7181996-20059
Kate Dennison51172005-20116
Sally Peake21472011-20187
Zoe Brown GBR/IRL2462003-201411
Holly Bleasdale/Bradshaw552011-20198
Jade Ive1452016-20226
Linda Stanton3141994-19973
Rhian Clarke1341994-19984
Other top winner
Kate Staples331994-19962

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