NUTS Resource Register


At the 2013 meeting of the NUTS History Group Chris Holloway volunteered to draft up and maintain a Register of resource materials for athletics research.

Chris has now put a document together (CNH - NUTS Resource Register.pdf) with a lot of information to help the NUTS develop this Register - including ideas on possible content. The Register will ultimately be hosted and promoted through the NUTS website.

The shorter Cover Note word doc introduces the key issues - agreeing the objectives, and populating the register. This forms a useful summary to introduce the subject.

Chris and others working on this will be looking for your help with a number of issues arising from the pdf:

  1. To read and comment on the first eight introductory pages
  2. To identify the projects you are currently working on (see pages 14-18 as a start)
  3. To identify additional resources that you have yourself, or that you are aware of, under the different resource types featured in the pdf. These are:
    • Academic Institutions (pages 9-10)
    • Acronyms & Abbreviations (p66-70)
    • Annuals (p66-67)
    • Athletic Material Dealers (p28-29)
    • Athletic Photographers (p62)
    • Athletics Publishers (p63)
    • Bibliographical Resources (p26)
    • Club Collections (p19-20)
    • Club, Association, Race & Discipline (p39-59)
    • Date Database (p64-65)
    • Encyclopaedia (p60-61)
    • Exhibitions
    • Film Footage (all media formats) (p27)
    • Online Resources (p21-25)
    • Periodicals (p31-35)
    • Personal Projects (p14-18)
    • Public Institutions (p11-13)
  4. Other comments and amendments which colleagues would like to make

All additions and amendments can be sent back to Chris Holloway (via email ). Feel free to copy any comments to other interested parties (, ) if that might prompt further input?