AAA Club Newsletters

Many thanks to Chris Holloway for scanning these editions of the AAA Club Newsletter. These are now searchable PDF files.

Thanks also to Mark Shearman for permission to include his photographs which appear in the many editions of the newsletter.

The AAA Club was originally formed by the Amateur Athletic Association in 1958 as a club for AAA Honorary Members. Honorary membership was open to "all those interested in amateur athletics" and had been in existince since 1925, though such members had to be "elected", i.e. approved. Many were former athletes, officials and administrators and the AAA encouraged them to assist with its own objectives, particularly its need to develop athletics in poorer parts of the community and with young men after they left school. Once the AAA Club was formed, there was a drive to increase membership and this was over 1000 by 1962, at which point the Club itself took over the administration of members and female members were allowed for the first time. The AAA Club was renamed the "British Athletics Club" in 1974 and in 1984 it was re-branded as the British Athletics Supporters Club (BASC). Thanks to Richard England for providing details of the AAA Club history, more of which may be found in editions of Backtrack, the magazine of the BASC, including the Spring/Summer 2013 issue, the May 2018 issue, the September 2019 issue and the first edition of 2020.

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Edited by Barry Willis 1959-64
1959     Issue No. 1, February 1959 Issue No. 2, 1959 Issue No. 3, 1959
1960     Issue No. 4, 1960 Issue No. 5, 1960 Issue No. 6, 1960
1961     Issue No. 7, 1961 Issue No. 8, November 1961 (the first magazine-style edition)
1962     Issue No. 9, April 1962 Issue No. 10, October 1962
1963     Issue No. 11, May 1963 Issue No. 12, November 1963
1964     Issue No. 13, May 1964 Issue No. 14, December 1964
Edited by Peter Lenton 1965-69
1965     Issue No. 15, June 1965 Issue No. 16, November 1965
1966     Issue No. 17, May 1966 Issue No. 18, November 1966
1967     Issue No. 19, May 1967 Issue No. 20, November 1967
1968     Issue No. 21, June 1968 Issue No. 22, December 1968
1969     Issue No. 23, July 1969 Issue No. 24, December 1969
Edited by Colin Johnston 1970-
1970     Issue No. 25, September 1970
Issues in later years unknown