A Statistical Survey of British Men's and Women's Race Walking

by John Powell and Peter Matthews
NUTS Historical Series Booklet No.16 (2014)

128 A5 pages densely packed with history and statistics

The latest in the NUTS series of Event Booklets deals with British race walking honouring the rich history of the deeds of British walkers. All British performances in international championships and games are given, together with British performances in all international matches – senior and junior, men and women – for Britain or England and there is a directory of all these international walkers. Then John Powell has done a huge amount of work in producing the top sixes for all national and inter-counties championships, with winners of Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and English area championships and of other major races in Britain. Also shown are progressions of British records plus deep all-time lists. Information has been included up June 2014 in this 128 page booklet. Appropriately Paul Nihill and Don Thompson are featured on the front cover, with Lisa Langford/Kehler on the back.

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£8 including postage to UK addresses
£10 including postage to European addresses
£12 including postage to Rest of the World
A 6-page document of updates and amendments is now available, bringing the original booklet up-to-date as at the end of 2016: Walks_updates_2016.pdf (155KB)


2Progressive UK records
10Annual bests and Statistics
14UK and World Merit Rankings
16Women’s name changes
18International Games, Championships and Trophies
22International Matches
25Junior internationals
27English Championships
27International Matches
27England internationals
29Junior internationals
30England internationals
31Directory of internationals
35AAA/AAC Championships
44UK Championships
45RWA Championships
46CAU champions
54UK Championships
64Women’s Championships
66WAAA Championships
74RWA Championships
80CAU champions
86Scottish champions
87Welsh Champions
88Midland Championships
92Northern Championships
95Southern Championships
99Winners of Major British Races
107Age Group Champions
107Most national titles
109All time lists