AAA and National Championships Medallists - 120 yards / 110 metres Hurdles

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Wind First Second Third

120 Yards Hurdles

LAC Championships
1866Thomas Milvain17¾Louis Tiffany USA½ ydJohn Martin
1867Arthur Law18.0Henry Thompson6 inchesClement Jackson2 ft
1868William Tennent17.4William MacLaren½ ydWilliam Powell Moore5 yd
1869George Nunn18.6Ernest Toller4 ydWalter Eaton6 inches
1870John Stirling17.0Francis Philpott5 ydErnest Toller4 yd
1871Edward Garnier16.6William Davies3 ydAbbott Upcher3 yd
1872John Stirling16.8Edward Garnier½ ydHenry Beauchamp2 yd
1873Hugh Upcher16.4Edward Garnier &
John Reay
½ yd
1874Hugh Upcher16.5John Reay3 ydHenry Beauchamp1 yd
1875Hugh Upcher16.8Alfred Loder1 ftCharles Bayly1 yd
1876Alfred Loder16.4John Reay3 ydFrancis Wood3-4 yd
1877John Reay17.2Sydney Jackson3 ydHenry MacDougall
1878Samuel Palmer16.0 WRSydney Jackson &
Charles Lockton
3 yd
1879AACSamuel Palmer17.4Charles Gilbert12 ydonly 2 competitors
1879LACCharles Lockton16.6Henry Allan2 ydFrancis Wood6 inches
AAA Championships
1880George Lawrence16.4Samuel Palmer¾-1 ydFrancis Cleaver4-5 yd
1881George Lawrence16.2A.J. Porter8 yd(Samuel Palmer)dnf
1882Samuel Palmer16.6Francis WoodinchesCharles Gowthorpe3-5 yd
1883Samuel Palmer16.2William Pollock1½ ydCharles Lockton
1884Charles Gowthorpe16.6dhW.H. Angle16 ydonly 2 competitors
1885Charles Daft16.6Sidney Purves3 ydE.H. Lloyd2 yd
1886Charles Daft16.0 NRSherard Joyce1 ydGodfrey Shaw2 yd
1887John Le Fleming16.2Sherard Joyce1¼ ydArthur Gould¾ yd
1888Sherard Joyce16.0Charles Daft2 ydF. Winters3 yd
1889Cecil Haward16.4Charles DaftinchesSherard Joyce1 yd
1890Charles Daft16.8Cecil Haward2 ydTom Baylis5 yd
1891Daniel Bulger IRE16.6(Haward & Shaw did not contest re-run final)
1892Daniel Bulger IRE16.0 =NRGodfrey Shaw¾ ydHarold Batger NZL1 yd
1893Godfrey Shaw16.4J. King1 ftArthur Gould½ yd
1894Godfrey Shaw16.6Percy Lowe3 ydTom Donovan IRE4 yd
1895Godfrey Shaw15.8 NRWilliam Oakley2½ ydPercy Lowe1½ yd
(1h1 Godfrey Shaw 16.0 =NR)
1896Godfrey Shaw15.6J. King6 ydFrederic Allfrey4 yd
1897Alfred Trafford17.4I.A.E. Mulligan IRE3 ydHenry Coltart
1898Howard Parkes16.4Tom Kiely IRE3 ydPatrick Harding IRE
1899William Paget-Tomlinson16.4Alfred Trafford1½ ydJoseph Gould
1900Alvin Kraenzlein USA15.4Norman Pritchard6 ydAlfred Trafford2½ yd
1901Alvin Kraenzlein USA15.6Alfred Trafford4½ ydIrving Baxter USA
1902George Smith NZL16.0Alfred Trafford2 ydWilliam Phillips16.8
1903George Garnier15.8Alfred Trafford3 ydEdward Gould1-2 yd
1904Robert Stronach16.0David Walters6-7 ydAlfred Trafford
1905Robert Stronach16.8David Walters3 ydEdward Amsler USA
1906Robert Stronach16.6Oswald GroeningsinchesEric Husseyinches
1907Oswald Groenings16.8Alfred Healey1 ydRobert Stronach
1908John Duncker RSA16.2Oswald Groenings½ ydHenry Murray NZL1 ft-2 yd
1909Alfred Healey15.8Kenneth Powellinches-1 ydJohn Duncker RSAinches-½ yd
1910Gerard Anderson16.0Alfred HealeyinchesKenneth Powell1 yd
1911Percy Phillips16.2Kenneth PowellinchesMaurice Meunier FRAinches
1912Gerard Anderson15.6George Gray2 ydKenneth Powellinches
1913George Gray16.0Kenneth Powell½ ydGustav Holmér SWE1-2½ yd
1914George Gray15.8William Potter USA2 ftKenneth Powell1 ft
1915-1918 Championships not held
1919Harry Wilson NZL15.8George Gray3 ydGerald Keddell NZL1 yd
1920George Trowbridge USA15.4George Gray2 ydEric Dunbar AUS7 yd
1921Henri Bernard FRA15.8Carl-Axel Christiernsson SWEinchesFrederick Nicholas½ yd
1922Frederick Gaby15.6Leopold Partridge4½ ydThomas Wallis IRE3 yd
1923Frederick Gaby15.2 =NRLeopold PartridgeinchesTrevis Huhn USA6 yd
1924Sidney Atkinson RSA15.1Frederick Gaby6 ydLeopold Partridge1 yd
1925Frederick Gaby15.2 =NRIvan Riley USA1 ydS. James Murphy2 yd
1926Frederick Gaby15.2 =NRGeorge Weightman-Smith RSAinchesLord Burghley1 ft
1927Frederick Gaby14.9 NRGeorge Weightman-Smith RSA1 ydSten Pettersson SWE
1928Sidney Atkinson RSA14.7Frederick Gaby2 ydLord Burghley
1929Lord Burghley15.4Frederick Foley2 ydDonald Finlay6 yd
1930Lord Burghley15.2Frederick Gaby2½ ydFrederick Foley½ yd
1931Lord Burghley14.8Donald Finlay½ ydHolger Albrechtsen NOR1 ft
(1h Lord Burghley 14.7 =CB)
1932Donald Finlay14.9Walter Thring15.3Ian Tubbs15.5
1933Donald Finlay15.0Roland Harper15.4Willeem Kaan NED15.7
1934Donald Finlay14.8Charles Stanwood USA15.0John Gabriel15.3
1935Donald Finlay15.0Christos Mantikas GRE2 ydAshleigh Pilbrow2 yd
1936Donald Finlay14.6John Thornton3 ydAshleigh Pilbrow15.0
1937Donald Finlay14.5John Thornton2 ydJan Brasser NED3 yd
1938Donald Finlay14.4John Thornton3-5 ydJan Brasser NED1-2 yd
1939Jan Brasser NED14.7Thomas Lockton½ ydFrederick Scopes4-8 yd
1940-1945 Championships not held
1946Pol Braekman BEL14.9Pierre Vandesype BEL2 ydRupert Powell
1947Pol Braekman BEL14.9Donald FinlayinchesJan Zwaan NED1 yd
1948Joe Birrell15.1Peter Gardner AUS1 ydCharles Green AUS1 yd
1949Donald Finlay14.6John Hart15.2Joe Birrell15.3
1950Peter Hildreth15.2Ray Barkway15.3Pol Braekman BEL15.3
1951Jack Parker14.8Peter Hildreth14.9Orn Clausen ISL15.0
1952Ray Weinberg AUS14.4Peter Hildreth14.4Ken Doubleday AUS14.6
1953Peter Hildreth14.6Paul Vine15.0Donal O'Sullivan15.1
1954Jack Parker14.7Peter Hildreth14.7Eamonn Kinsella IRL14.8
1955Jack Parker14.6Ion Opris ROU14.6Peter Hildreth14.7
1956Peter Hildreth14.5Eamonn Kinsella IRL14.6Jack Parker14.6
1957Eamonn Kinsella IRL14.7Peter Hildreth14.7David Carrington15.0
1958Keith Gardner JAM14.1Peter Hildreth14.5Thomas Obi NGR14.7
1959Vic Matthews14.5wGhulam Raziq PAK14.5wLaurie Taitt14.5w
1960-4.0Ghulam Raziq PAK14.6Mike Parker14.8Bob Birrell14.9
19610.2Nereo Svara ITA14.4Bob Birrell14.5Jacobus Malan RSA14.6
1962-1.4Blaine Lindgren USA14.2Laurie Taitt14.3Alfred Belleh NGR14.7
19630.0Laurie Taitt14.1 =NRMike Parker14.2Steve Cortright USA14.2
19641.9Mike Parker14.2Laurie Taitt14.2Bob Birrell14.3
19650.5Laurie Taitt14.3Rodney Morrod14.3Mike Parker14.3
19660.2David Hemery14.0Laurie Taitt14.1Cornelius Uys RSA14.2
1967-0.3Eddy Ottoz ITA14.0Alan Pascoe14.3Andy Todd14.3
1968-0.6Alan Pascoe14.1Mike Parker14.2Stuart Storey14.2

110 Metres Hurdles

19690.0Willem Coetzee RSA14.0Alan Pascoe14.0Stuart Storey14.5
19702.0David Hemery13.9Berwyn Price14.2Graham Gower14.3
1971-4.7Alan Pascoe14.49Berwyn Price14.63Graham Gower14.72
19721.7Alan Pascoe13.88Berwyn Price14.00Graham Gower14.10
1973-1.4Berwyn Price14.10Graham Gower14.43Bo Forssander SWE14.45
19744.4Berwyn Price13.94wGraham Gower14.16wC.J. (Charles) Kirkpatrick14.17w
19750.0Berwyn Price13.94Graham Gower14.23Alan Cronin14.30
19762.6Berwyn Price13.80wBob Danville13.99wDavid Wilson14.28w
1977-0.9Berwyn Price14.17Mark Holtom14.34Bob Danville14.41
1978-1.9Berwyn Price14.14Mark Holtom14.49Ian Ratcliffe14.65
19793.2Mark Holtom13.78wWilbert Greaves13.91wDavid Wilson14.13w
1980-0.3Rod Milburn USA13.69Mark Holtom13.71Ashland Whitfield USA14.01
19810.8Renaldo Nehemiah USA13.17Tonie Campbell USA13.72Mark Holtom13.75
19820.0Mark Holtom13.88Wilbert Greaves14.10Berwyn Price14.22
19830.5Tonie Campbell USA13.41Sam Turner USA13.50Marcus Allen USA13.86
(Best UK: 5. Mark Holtom 13.96)
1984-0.7Nigel Walker13.78Wilbert Greaves14.03Hugh Teape14.17
1985-0.3Henry Andrade USA13.83Nigel Walker13.98Dannie Jackson USA14.02
19861.4Colin Jackson13.51Nigel Walker13.75David Nelson13.91
1987-0.6Jon Ridgeon13.36Nigel Walker13.76Renaldo Nehemiah USA13.84
1988-0.8Colin Jackson13.29Tony Jarrett13.59Jon Ridgeon13.75
19891.2Colin Jackson13.19David Nelson13.57Nigel Walker13.80
1990-0.2Colin Jackson13.23Tony Jarrett13.30Nigel Walker13.51
19910.8David Nelson13.55Hugh Teape13.61Nigel Walker13.64
1992-1.0Colin Jackson13.15Tony Jarrett13.23Hugh Teape13.51
19931.1Colin Jackson13.15Tony Jarrett13.37Kyle Vander-Kuyp AUS13.60
19940.8Andy Tulloch13.70Paul Gray13.76Lloyd Cowan14.09
1995-0.3Neil Owen13.63Andy Tulloch13.76Lloyd Cowan13.97
1996-0.1Colin Jackson13.13Tony Jarrett13.41Andy Tulloch13.70
1997-1.8 BAFTony Jarrett13.33Colin Jackson13.39Andy Tulloch13.85
19971.9  AAADamien Greaves14.02Matthew Clements14.13Martyn Hendry14.16
1998-1.3Colin Jackson13.37Tony Jarrett13.42Damien Greaves13.88
19992.1Colin Jackson13.24wDamien Greaves14.00wLloyd Cowan14.12w
2000-2.3Colin Jackson13.54Tony Jarrett13.78Damien Greaves13.85
20010.8Tony Jarrett13.66Damien Greaves13.68Dominic Bradley13.83
20020.3Colin Jackson13.40Tony Jarrett13.52Damien Greaves13.54
2003-0.9Damien Greaves13.66Andy Turner13.85Mohammed Sillah-Freckleton13.89
2004-1.5Robert Newton13.72Paul Gray13.88Will Sharman13.97
2005Allan Scott13.62Andy Turner13.78David Hughes13.79
20062.7Andy Turner13.24wWill Sharman13.45wAllan Scott13.73w
National Championships
2007-0.3Andy Turner13.54Allan Scott13.78Will Sharman13.98
20080.4Andy Turner13.58Allan Scott13.67Will Sharman13.84
2009-1.9Andy Turner13.47Callum Priestley13.69Gianni Frankis13.86
2010-0.4Will Sharman13.45Andy Turner13.48Lawrence Clarke13.75
2011-0.8Lawrence Clarke13.58Gianni Frankis13.59Will Sharman13.77
2012-0.1Andrew Pozzi13.41Lawrence Clarke13.45Andy Turner13.52
20130.0Will Sharman13.44Gianni Frankis13.60Nick Gayle13.80
20142.4Will Sharman13.18wLawrence Clarke13.61wAlex Al Ameen13.64w
2015-1.3Lawrence Clarke13.55Joseph Hylton13.91Jake Porter13.91
2016-1.3Andrew Pozzi13.31Lawrence Clarke13.44David King13.57
20172.1David King13.55wKhai Riley-La Borde13.71wJake Porter13.79w
2018-2.5Andrew Pozzi13.61David King13.81Khai Riley-La Borde13.96
2019-2.5David King13.78Cameron Fillery13.78Jake Porter13.90

Top Medallists
1st2nd3rdTotal MedalsYearsYear Span
Colin Jackson111121986-200216
Donald Finlay821111929-194920
Berwyn Price631101970-198212
Tony Jarrett28101988-200214
Peter Hildreth35191950-19588
Frederick Gaby5381922-19308
Andy Turner43182003-20129
Will Sharman31482004-201410
Alfred Trafford14271897-19047
Nigel Walker13371984-19917
Godfrey Shaw41161886-189610
Laurie Taitt23161959-19667
Mark Holtom23161977-19825
Lawrence Clarke23162010-20166
Damien Greaves12361998-20035
Kenneth Powell3361909-19145
Graham Gower3361970-19755
Other top winners and long span
Samuel Palmer4151878-18835
Charles Daft3251885-18905
Alan Pascoe3251967-19725
Lord Burghley3251926-19315
Robert Stronach3141904-19073
Jack Parker3141951-19565
Hugh Upcher331873-18752
Andrew Pozzi332012-20186
Paul Gray221994-200410

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