AAA and National Championships Medallists - 440 yards and 400 metres Hurdles

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440 Yards Hurdles

AAA Championships
1914Joseph English59.8Harry Blakeney10 ydPercy Smith30 yd
1915-1918 Championships not held
1919George Gray59.8Joseph English8-15 ydLaurence Pullar
1920Edward Wheller57.4W.A. Adams USA4 ydWilfred Kent-Hughes AUS
(1h Wilfred Kent-Hughes 58.5 CB)
1921Carl-Axel Christiernsson SWE55.4Géorges André FRA58.0Wilfred Kent-Hughes AUS58.2
1922Wilfred Kent-Hughes AUS59.0J.J. Evans12 ydJ. Berthier FRA
1923L.H. Phillips58.0William Boardman2 ftFrederick Browning5 yd
1924Wilfrid Tatham57.6Frederick Blackett2 ftDavid Bone
1925Ivan Riley USA57.8William Boardman10 yd(Frederick Blackett)dnf
(1s2 Frederick Blackett 56.0 NR)
1926Lord Burghley55.0 NRThomas Livingstone-Learmonth2-2½ ydStefan Kostrewski POL5-12 yd
(1s1 Lord Burghley 55.6 NR)
1927Lord Burghley54.2 WRThomas Livingstone-Learmonth55.2Luigi Facelli ITA55.4
1928Lord Burghley54.0 NRThomas Livingstone-Learmonth55.2Roger Viel FRA
1929Luigi Facelli ITA53.4Lord Burghley55.0Douglas Neame20 yd
1930Lord Burghley53.8 NRLuigi Facelli ITA53.8Douglas Neame1 yd
1931Luigi Facelli ITA54.4Johan Areskoug SWE3-5 ydLord Burghley1 yd
1932Lord Burghley54.6Joseph Simpson55.4John Stone18 yd
1933Luigi Facelli ITA53.6Lord Burghley53.8John Stone55.0
1934Ralph Brown55.4Robert Wallace IRL55.8Frank Hunter56.3
1935Frank Hunter55.3Ralph Brown56.0Christos Mantikas GRE56.4
1936John Sheffield55.6Alfred Watson AUS1-2½ ydRalph Brown½ yd
1937Jules Bosmans BEL55.0Christos Mantikas GRE55.6Robert Wallace IRL2 yd
1938Jules Bosmans BEL54.1Prudent Joye FRA54.2Robert Wallace IRL55.5
1939Jules Bosmans BEL54.9Christos Mantikas GRE2½-4 ydRowland Palmer6-7 yd
1940-1945 Championships not held
1946Ronald Ede57.0Robert Prevot BEL1 ydRobin Boyd
1947Harry Whittle55.0Werner Christen SUI4 ydRonald Ede8 yds
1948Harry Whittle54.9John Holland NZL1 ydWerner Christen SUI8 yds
1949Harry Whittle54.9Ronald Ede56.4Gervais Jarvis56.7
1950Harry Whittle55.2Angus Scott55.2John Davis56.8
1951Harry Whittle54.2Angus Scott54.7Jack Parker55.2
1952Harry Whittle53.3 NRAngus Scott53.4David Gracie54.0
1953Harry Whittle52.7 NRAlec Hardy53.1Amadeo Francis PUR54.2
1954Harry Kane53.4Bob Shaw53.4David Gracie53.7
1955Bob Shaw52.2Ilie Savel ROU52.6Tom Farrell53.0
1956Ilie Savel ROU52.2Tom Farrell53.0John Metcalf54.6
1957Tom Farrell52.1John Metcalf52.8Harry Kane53.4
1958David Lean AUS51.2Tom Farrell52.7John Metcalf52.8
1959Chris Goudge52.7John Metcalf53.2Tom Bryan53.2
1960Max Boyes52.27John Metcalf52.42Tom Bryan52.91
1961Jussi Rintamäki FIN51.46Chris Surety52.30John Cooper53.24
1962Russ Rogers USA51.0Jussi Rintamäki FIN51.1Neil MacDonald RSA51.9
(Best UK: 4. Chris Surety 51.9)
1963Willie Atterberry USA51.07John Cooper51.65Robin Woodland52.20
1964John Cooper51.1 NRPeter Warden51.4Tom Wyatt USA51.9
1965Rex Cawley USA50.92John Cooper51.45John Sherwood51.47
1966John Sherwood51.10 =NRPeter Warden51.50Geoff Vanderstock USA51.52
1967John Sherwood50.94 NRAndy Todd52.02Peter Warden52.06
1968David Hemery50.19 NRJohn Sherwood50.82John Cooper51.32

400 Metres Hurdles

1969John Sherwood50.12Andy Todd51.30John Cooper51.66
1970Bob Roberts52.42Tony Collins52.42Andy Webb52.51
1971John Sherwood51.38Dave Schärer51.78Bob Roberts52.09
1972David Hemery49.67John Akii-Bua UGA49.68John Sherwood50.96
1973Alan Pascoe49.77Bob Steele USA50.43Bill Hartley50.45
1974Jim Bolding USA49.1Bill Hartley50.6Colin O'Neill51.4
1975Bill Hartley49.65Bob Cassleman USA50.23Frank Nusse NED50.85
1976Alan Pascoe49.57Peter Kelly51.34David West51.52
1977Rich Graybehl USA49.96Alan Pascoe50.95Garry Brown AUS51.10
1978Alan Pascoe50.39Rich Graybehl USA50.65Gary Oakes51.08
1979Ed Moses USA48.58Peter Grant AUS50.07Gary Oakes50.37
1980James King USA49.50Bill Hartley50.04Gary Oakes50.23
1981Gary Oakes49.69James King USA49.88David Lee USA50.77
1982James King USA50.25Garry Brown AUS50.85Shigenori Ohmori JPN51.11
(Best UK: 4. Mike Whittingham 51.13)
1983David Lee USA49.18Steve Sole49.95Ahmed Hamada BRN50.23
1984Martin Gillingham50.24Gary Oakes50.47Steve Sole50.70
1985Ahmed Hamada BRN49.82Max Robertson50.16Henry Amike NGR50.25
1986Max Robertson49.52Philippe Gonigam FRA50.21Mark Holtom50.33
1987Max Robertson49.51Martin Gillingham49.91Martin Briggs50.18
1988Max Robertson50.23Phil Harries50.50Martin Briggs51.02
1989Max Robertson50.30Alain Cuypers BEL50.63Mark Bishop51.39
1990Nat Page USA50.06Max Robertson50.22Leigh Miller AUS50.95
1991Max Robertson49.98Lawrence Lynch50.19Leigh Miller AUS50.32
1992Kriss Akabusi49.16Simon Hollingsworth AUS50.26Max Robertson50.46
1993Gary Cadogan50.60Peter Crampton50.75Ferrins Pieterse RSA50.80
1994Peter Crampton49.82Steve Coupland50.19Noel Levy50.89
1995Rohan Robinson AUS49.21Gary Cadogan49.70Gary Jennings50.34
1996Jon Ridgeon49.16Peter Crampton49.79Gary Jennings50.46
1997BAFChris Rawlinson49.69Gary Jennings50.02Paul Gray50.38
1997AAACharles Robertson-Adams51.01Paul Thompson51.11Matt Douglas51.70
1998Paul Gray49.81Anthony Borsumato49.85Chris Rawlinson50.20
1999Chris Rawlinson49.62Paul Gray49.94Anthony Borsumato50.00
2000Chris Rawlinson48.95Anthony Borsumato49.71Matt Douglas49.89
2001Chris Rawlinson48.68Du'aine Ladejo49.44Anthony Borsumato49.53
2002Chris Rawlinson48.68Anthony Borsumato48.90Matt Elias49.79
2003Chris Rawlinson49.24Matt Douglas49.41Anthony Borsumato49.49
2004Chris Rawlinson50.04Dale Garland51.16Robert Lewis51.39
2005Matt Elias49.67Dale Garland50.15Liam Collins50.46
2006Rhys Williams49.28Dai Greene50.00Matt Douglas50.09
National Championships
2007Dale Garland49.79Steve Green50.17Francis Smith51.02
2008Richard Yates49.50Steve Green50.26Dai Greene51.08
2009Dai Greene49.07Rhys Williams50.20Dale Garland50.92
2010Dai Greene48.77Rhys Williams49.76Richard Yates50.07
2011Nathan Woodward49.66Richard Davenport49.76Richard Yates50.01
2012Dai Greene49.47Jack Green49.88Nathan Woodward50.56
2013Dai Greene48.66Rhys Williams48.85Richard Yates49.49
2014Niall Flannery49.54Tom Burton49.78Sebastian Rodger50.07
2015Niall Flannery50.16Jack Houghton50.60Dai Greene50.82
2016Sebastian Rodger49.45Jack Green49.49Rhys Williams49.90
2017Jack Green49.34Jacob Paul49.66Sebastian Rodger50.23
2018Dai Greene50.06Jack Green50.13Sebastian Rodger50.18
2019Jacob Paul49.57Dai Greene49.67Chris McAlister49.80

Top Medallists
1st2nd3rdTotal MedalsYearsYear Span
Dai Greene52292006-201912
Chris Rawlinson7181997-20047
Lord Burghley52181926-19337
Max Robertson52181985-19927
Harry Whittle771947-19536
John Sherwood41271965-19727
John Cooper12361961-19698
Anthony Borsumato3361998-20035
Luigi Facelli ITA31151927-19336
Rhys Williams13152006-201610
Gary Oakes11351978-19846
John Metcalf3251956-19604
Other top winners and long spans
Alan Pascoe3141973-19785
Bill Hartley12141973-19807
Jules Bosmans BEL331937-19392

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