AAA and National Championships Medallists - Discus

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First Second Third
AAA Championships
1914Armas Taipale FIN44.04Patrick Quinn IRE38.12Sandor Toldy HUN37.50
(Best GB: 4. Walter Henderson 35.73)
1915-1918 Championships not held, 1919 Discus not held
1920Patrick Quinn IRE37.62Raoul Paoli FRA37.40Charles Halsey USA31.76
1921Oscar Zallhagen SWE41.00Carl Johan Lind SWE35.83Raoul Paoli FRA35.55
(Best GB: 5. Walter Henderson 32.22)
1922Vilho Niittymaa FIN41.64Aleksandr Klumberg EST39.34Ville Porhola FIN38.50
(Best GB: 6. Walter Henderson 32.00)
1923George Mitchell33.60Walter Henderson33.46Charles Best32.78
1924Patrick Bermingham IRL41.18Donald Ross34.12Charles Best33.62
1925Patrick Bermingham IRL41.24Kalman Egri HUN40.97Elemér Somfay HUN39.20
1926Patrick Bermingham IRL43.38Ketil Askildt NOR42.45Hans Hoffmeister GER41.31
(Best UK: 6. Charles Best 37.34)
1927Koloman Marvalits HUN44.40Kalman Egri HUN43.76Hans Hoffmeister GER42.30
1928Ernst Paulus GER44.48Jules Noel FRA41.54Charles Best35.52
1929Harald Stenerud NOR43.54József Daranyi HUN41.16Tim Healy IRL40.30
(Best UK: 4. Kenneth Pridie 37.20)
1930Jules Noel FRA44.66Anton Karlsson SWE43.35Ketil Askildt NOR41.52
(Best UK: 5. Kenneth Pridie 37.91)
1931Endre Madarasz HUN43.10Emil Janausch AUT42.30Kenneth Pridie38.74
1932Patrick Bermingham IRL42.44Harry Hart RSA39.46Kenneth Pridie38.84
1933Endre Madarasz HUN44.18Emil Janausch AUT43.05Patrick Bermingham IRL42.48
(Best UK: 4. Kenneth Pridie 40.25)
1934Patrick Bermingham IRL42.44Douglas Bell40.78Ned Tobin IRL40.64
1935Harald Andersson SWE51.82Nicolaos Syllas GRE48.81Istvan Donogan HUN45.23
(Best UK: 5. Douglas Bell 39.80)
1936Bernard Prendergast JAM43.10Laurence Reavell-Carter43.09Douglas Bell41.02
1937Nicolaos Syllas GRE49.18Willi Schröder GER47.39Jeno Kulitzy HUN44.12
(Best UK: 4. David Young 38.98)
1938Adolfo Consolini ITA43.60David Young42.06Jan Brasser NED40.99
1939Nicolaos Syllas GRE49.12Aad de Bruyn NED42.38James Nesbitt41.76
1940-1945 Championships not held
1946Jan Brasser NED43.56James Nesbitt42.16Aad de Bruyn NED40.61
1947Jan Brasser NED43.76James Nesbitt42.58Jack Brewer42.38
1948Cummin Clancy IRL42.21Jack Brewer41.97Laurence Reavell-Carter41.95
1949Ferenc Klics HUN47.67Cummin Clancy IRL43.83Andrej Jankovskis43.38
(Best UK: 4. Jack Brewer 41.62)
1950Raymond Kintziger BEL46.77Harry Duguid45.00Andrew Jansons43.92
1951Giuseppe Tosi ITA53.58Clement Mertens BEL43.93Raymond Kintziger BEL43.80
(Best UK: 4. Mark Pharaoh 43.07)
1952Mark Pharaoh44.70Ian Reed AUS43.14Andrew Jansons41.68
1953Mark Pharaoh47.96Vitomir Krivokapic YUG47.28John Savidge44.65
1954Ferenc Klics HUN51.34Mark Pharaoh47.76John Savidge46.16
1955Mark Pharaoh47.72Gerry Carr44.50Erling Helle NOR42.82
1956Mark Pharaoh50.02Gerry Carr48.82Eric Cleaver45.06
1957Mike Lindsay50.76Gerry Carr50.72Peter Isbester47.34
1958Stephanus Du Plessis RSA52.22Les Mills NZL51.00Gerry Carr50.14
1959Mike Lindsay53.53Eric Cleaver51.02Otto Feldmanis46.47
1960Mike Lindsay52.62Roy Hollingsworth GBR/TRI50.31Eric Cleaver47.27
1961Elfranco Malan RSA56.03Kees Koch NED55.16Len Chinnery50.08
1962Jay Silvester USA60.85Elfranco Malan RSA56.71Carol Lindroos FIN55.73
(Best UK: 5. Roy Hollingsworth (also TRI) 53.03)
1963David Weill USA53.90Mike Lindsay52.93Robert Baxter USA46.24
1964Roy Hollingsworth GBR/TRI54.81Arthur McKenzie48.04Bill Tancred47.13
1965Lars Haglund SWE53.94Mike Lindsay51.98Bill Tancred48.63
1966Bill Tancred51.76Barry King50.12Mike Lindsay49.58
1967Bill Tancred51.74John Watts49.12Mike Lindsay48.72
1968Bill Tancred53.06Arthur McKenzie51.36John Watts50.96
1969Bill Tancred53.08Peter Tancred52.14Arthur McKenzie52.04
1970Bill Tancred53.88Les Mills NZL53.60John Watts53.50
1971Les Mills NZL58.62John Watts57.88 NRBill Tancred55.20
1972Bill Tancred61.06John Watts59.70Peter Tancred54.44
1973Bill Tancred61.22John Hillier58.10Peter Tancred54.22
1974John Powell USA62.06Bill Tancred60.02John Hillier57.96
1975John Van Reenan RSA62.26Bill Tancred62.22Mike Winch58.04
1976John Powell USA65.52Peter Tancred56.68Colin Sutherland56.22
1977Peter Tancred57.58Richard Slaney57.04John Hillier56.70
1978Peter Tancred55.78John Hillier53.60Mike Winch52.88
1979John Powell USA61.50Al Oerter USA59.64Richard Slaney54.68
1980Brian Oldfield USA61.46Peter Tancred59.46Colin Sutherland54.40
1981John Powell USA62.46Al Oerter USA61.88Art Burns USA61.58
(Best UK: 5. Robert Weir 57.42)
1982Brad Cooper BAH63.70Robert Weir58.14Richard Slaney56.92
1983Robert Weir59.76Richard Slaney58.18Peter Gordon58.14
1984Robert Weir62.50Brad Cooper BAH60.60Paul Nandapi AUS60.40
1985Juan Martinez CUB65.72Luis Delis CUB65.34Paul Mardle58.28
1986Richard Slaney59.62Graham Savory58.52Paul Mardle57.42
1987Paul Mardle57.34Peter Gordon54.74Mark Robinson NZL52.54
1988Paul Mardle58.06Graham Savory55.24Peter Gordon53.76
1989Paul Mardle57.90Abi Ekoku56.82Stephen Casey56.66
1990Abi Ekoku57.58Simon Williams55.76Kevin Brown54.26
1991Werner Reiterer AUS59.56Simon Williams58.08Nick Sweeney IRL57.92
1992Werner Reiterer AUS61.78Abi Ekoku58.02Simon Williams56.64
1993Robert Weir57.44Frits Potgieter RSA56.48Kjell Ove Hauge NOR54.58
1994Kevin Brown58.60Robert Weir57.94Glen Smith56.22
1995Nick Sweeney IRL60.34Robert Weir60.18Simon Williams58.20
1996Robert Weir60.02Simon Williams57.54Kevin Brown56.76
1997BAFRobert Weir63.74Kevin Brown59.44Glen Smith58.62
1997AAARobert Weir61.60Kevin Brown57.30Glen Smith56.56
1998Robert Weir62.82Glen Smith60.56Emeka Udechuku57.90
1999Robert Weir61.35Glen Smith59.25Lee Newman58.08
2000Robert Weir62.13Glen Smith60.84Emeka Udechuku59.58
2001Glen Smith59.99Robert Weir59.92Perriss Wilkins56.89
2002Robert Weir58.22Glen Smith56.38Emeka Udechuku56.28
2003Emeka Udechuku57.26Glen Smith53.78Scot Thompson52.98
2004Emeka Udechuku61.60Carl Myerscough61.54Scot Thompson52.65
2005Carl Myerscough58.48Emeka Udechuku56.64Leith Marar53.73
2006Carl Myerscough61.04Emeka Udechuku58.72Chris Gaviglio AUS55.76
National Championships
2007Emeka Udechuku60.83Abdul Buhari56.87Matt Brown53.41
2008Emeka Udechuku59.35Abdul Buhari58.18Matt Brown54.64
2009Emeka Udechuku56.93Brett Morse55.86Abdul Buhari55.39
2010Brett Morse61.45Carl Myerscough59.06Chris Scott57.12
2011Abdul Buhari63.32Carl Myerscough61.63Brett Morse61.57
2012Lawrence Okoye63.46Brett Morse62.27Abdul Buhari60.94
2013Brett Morse62.05Tom Norman54.28Chris Scott53.76
2014Zane Duquemin60.38Brett Morse60.26Nicholas Percy58.61
2015Brett Morse58.83Zane Duquemin56.02Carl Myerscough55.34
2016Nicholas Percy60.43Brett Morse58.75Zane Duquemin58.54
2017Nicholas Percy60.78Zane Duquemin60.36Brett Morse60.12
2018Brett Morse58.90Greg Thompson58.10Nicholas Percy57.26
2019Nicholas Percy60.57Lawrence Okoye58.84George Armstrong57.67
2020Nicholas Percy59.74George Armstrong58.48Chris Scott52.79
(NB as a F44 Para-Athlete, Daniel Greaves competed with the 1.5kg discus, throwing 54.90)
2021Lawrence Okoye61.71Nicholas Percy60.17Greg Thompson58.31

Top Medallists
1st2nd3rdTotal MedalsYearsYear Span
Robert Weir94131982-200220
Bill Tancred723121964-197511
Emeka Udechuku523101998-200911
Brett Morse442102009-20189
Glen Smith15281994-20039
Nicholas Percy41272014-20217
Mike Lindsay32271957-196710
Peter Tancred23271969-198011
Patrick Bermingham IRL5161924-193410
Carl Myerscough23162004-201511
Mark Pharaoh4151952-19564
Paul Mardle3251985-19894
Richard Slaney12251977-19869
Abdul Buhari12252007-20125
John Watts3251967-19725
Simon Williams3251990-19966
Other top winners and long spans
John Powell USA441974-19817
Les Mills NZL1231958-197113
Laurence Reavell-Carter1121936-194812

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