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This is the quarterly bulletin of the NUTS which has been published since 1963. It was originally named NUTS Notes and changed its name to Track Stats in 1982. It is an A5 booklet with usually 64 pages per edition. Its coverage extends to the history and statistics of athletics worldwide, and ideas for articles are welcomed by the editor. To subscribe, you simply need to join the NUTS.

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Forthcoming Articles for 2021

J.J. Abbott, Alec Palmer, Barney Ewell ... more all-time rankings from Trevor Clowes ... more national record surveys from Steve Akehurst ... women in action - the story of Mary C. Fair, Lakeland athletics photographer of the 1920s . foreign expertise of the 1930s for Leeds University's record-breaking discus thrower, Inez Sweeting.

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Volume 59, No. 1, March 2021

  • Editorial Comment: Only one regret. Missing a meeting with Nurmi
  • The fashion and beauty expert from Selfridge's who adorned the formative years of women's athletics (Violet Cambridge/Wall) - The Editor
  • 800 metres and 880 yards: a chronology with a difference - Jacques Carmelli
  • The Marathon's "London Distance". What was all the fuss about? Part I - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • A correction. The true identity of J. Hatton, the 1920 Olympian - Peter Lovesey
  • ...And the "Shapwick Express" is shunted into the sidings (Charles Bennett) - Peter Lovesey
  • Oxford sprinters, Kentish high jumpers. More early women's marks - John W. Brant
  • No cartwheeling, by law! But the marine Corporal restores order in the circle (John Savidge) - The Editor
  • In the years between the World Wars, the Australian athletes who competed for GB
  • Battle of Britain hero, friend of Nevil Shute (Alan Bandidt) - The Editor
  • Cross-country, marathon, parkrun...always Ranelagh to the fore - Steve Rowland
  • Bringing home the Bacon (Fred Bacon's one hour record) - Keith Morbey
  • Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards!!!! Top of every all-time list
  • (Triple jump rankings) - Trevor Clowes
  • Early Irish/GB internationals. More about Miller and the Barrett brothers - Colm Murphy
  • Javelin throwers needed! Call the Army (R.K. Starkey and others) - John Edwards
  • Llewellyn Atcherley, a sprint record-breaker of the 1890s on tour in Germany - The Editor, Manfred Holzhausen
  • My days of National Service, occasionally diverted by Ibbotson and the Busby Babes - Keith Morbey
  • Having a lovely time in Mauritius. Glad we were there - Stan Greenberg
  • "My goodness! That girl jumped so high!" How a woman reporter spotted a future champion (Dora Lurie)
  • Gerald Foster's excursion to England reassessed. Olympic trials or tribulations? - John Edwards
  • Remembering Paul Nihill. Strong impressions, but there was some depression, too - Ian Brooks
  • These boots are made for walking, says the man from South Shields (Tommy Payne) - Eddie Almond
  • A survey of national records in the jumping events - Steve Akehurst
  • Bill Nankeville (24 Mar 1925 - 8 January 2021) photos

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