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This is the quarterly bulletin of the NUTS which has been published since 1963. It was originally named NUTS Notes and changed its name to Track Stats in 1982. It is an A5 booklet with usually 68 pages per edition. Its coverage extends to the history and statistics of athletics worldwide, and ideas for articles are welcomed by the editor. To subscribe, you simply need to join the NUTS.

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Forthcoming Articles

Thomas S. Hurst’s compilation of progressive UK all-comers’ records will be resumed in next year’s issues of “Track Stats”. Also planned for 2017 – Sally Gunnell’s races at 400 metres hurdles; Javelin throwers – real and imaginary; Pole vaulters through the ages; Robbie Brightwell and the other thwarted 800 metres runners; Arrowe Park – cross-country venue of legend and lore; Remembering the 1987 World Championships marathon. Trevor Clowes’s all-time rankings; On hold for later publication – Buddy Edelen’s life story.

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2016 Editions

Volume 54, No. 4, October 2016

    Retrospectives of Rio

  • Some statistics, and a few antics, you may have missed - The Editor
  • A woman in the circle? Whatever would Malcolm have said! - Ian Tempest
  • A new British Olympic “record”, too, for KJT - David Cocksedge
  • GB’s achievements at the Olympic Games since 1896 - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • GB in 4th place - Trevor Clowes

    Athletics in the 1920s and 1930s

  • Sergeant Cotterell takes command: the first venture towards a truly International
  • Cross-Country Championships - The Editor
  • “For the furtherance of all athletic sports in the universities” - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Tommy Price, the reluctant machine-gunner, sets the target for Godiva - Colin Kirkham
  • “Rufe” of the rainbow robe: America’s lost miler (Rufus Kiser) - The Editor


  • The closing years of the career of Mike Boit - Thomas S. Hurst
  • Harry Webster, champion race-walker of the 1870s. But was it “unfair going”?
  • How the best 400 metres runners rank - Trevor Clowes
  • The Blaydon racer lost to history in the dark blue shadows (Joe Keating)
  • Trouble afoot: a National title that eluded Godiva for 77 years - Colin Kirkham
  • The 3000 metres: how it preceded the 5000 and 10,000 in the 19th Century running order
  • My imagined version of how the women’s Olympic 800 metres of 1928 was won - Carrie Snyder
  • Lina, in real life the first of the Olympic women’s 800 metres champions (Lina Radke)
  • The story of New Zealand’s greatest athlete (Yvette Williams) - Peter Heidenstrom
  • The momentum of the great perfect jump (Yvette Williams) - Norman Harris
  • Book Reviews (Pat Butcher’s biography of Emil Zátopek) - The Editor, Ferdie Gilson
  • Books Extra: Irish Olympians at the 1912 Olympic Games - Ian Tempest
  • Books Extra: the athletics content of Fowler’s “usage” - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Stranded by the roadside: the longest surviving national marathon records - I.E.G. Green
  • … and other surprising marathon stats
  • Olympic post-script: World record, no gold, for the “son-in-law” (Bob LeGendre)

Volume 54, No. 3, July 2016

  • Editorial Comment: A newly balanced view of 41st place against 1st
  • Eric Shirley, aged 87: "I love pure athletics and have always been a fan of the life-blood of our sport – club athletics. I continue to compete and I love every time I put on a pair of trainers" - Bob Phillips
  • The steeplechasing career of Eric Shirley: 49 races in nine years
  • Barriers, bars, batons and bobsleigh: the diverse sporting life of Gus McKenzie - Brian Hatch
  • Tractors, tracks and temperatures: a Devon farmer at the Rome Olympics (Brian Kent-Smith) - Michael Sheridan
  • A Lancashire lass’s unrecognised world record that paved the way for Sally Gunnell (Sandra Dyson, origins of the women’s 400 metres hurdles) - Bob Phillips
  • Early memories of women’s 400 metres hurdling (Ken Oakley, Peter Warden, Liz Sutherland)
  • Some exaggerated claims of the 18th Century . . . and some true facts of the 19th Century

    Relay Racing Re-evaluated

  • Part I: How the best 4 x 100 metres and 4 x 110 yards relay runners rank – Trevor Clowes
  • Part II: Great Britain and the USA – triumph and tragedy as 4 x 100 gold is won or lost - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • Part III: National records – 4 x 200 metres relay - Miguel Villaseñor
  • "British Athletics 1866 to 1880": the background - Peter Lovesey, Stuart Mazdon
  • "That most imposing instrument": Clay Thomas and the early days of athletics - N.N Simons
  • Won’t you come home, Bill Baillie? How he broke the hour record - Andy Milroy
  • The last of the “Flying Dutchmen" ... but an "All-Black" by adoption (Dick Quax) - Bob Phillips

Volume 54, No. 2, May 2016

  • Editorial Comment: A debt that Lamine Diack owes to Molly Levene
  • Noel Brettell: a compassionate observer of an "arcadia of jacaranda and sunshine" who ran with the ghost of Tom Knocker - The Editor
  • Keith Pearce – an "iron man" of four different countries and 70 years of running - The Editor
  • South Africa’s Olympic gift to Britain (Barbara Burke)
  • How I won and lost my Olympic gold – as if I was looking down from the top of the Empire State Building - Mildred "Babe" Didrikson
  • The forgotten junior champions of 1941
  • How the best ever 200 metres runners rank – in Great Britain, the Commonwealth, Europe and the World - Trevor Clowes
  • The quick-silver master of the photo-finish (Reggie Pearman) - The Editor
  • Progress in women’s miling 1973 to 1977, Part III of a series - Thomas S. Hurst & Stuart Mazdon
  • A happy day out at the National League in 1970: “approaching the afternoon’s labours in fine fettle” - C.D. Miles
  • The 200th Centurion: Stampfl’s least-known record-breaker (Frank Harmer)
  • An introduction to the career of Mike Boit, for whom the 800 metres was to >become an “afterthought” - Thomas S. Hurst
  • Jenny Pawsey – memories of an international career spanning 15 years
  • Writer to writer: Peter Lovesey interviews David Town about his biography of Walter Knox, athlete, coach, gold prospector
  • Book Reviews (biographies of Walter Knox and K.G. Macleod, British Athletics 1866-80, Other book news) - Peter Lovesey, The Editor
  • “The Pole ran faster last week, John. So I’m sorry to tell you that you’re not the world record-holder after all” (John Disley) - Clive Williams
  • How the National compares – 1986, 2016
  • Helter-skelter with the jigging mob! A poetic postscript - Noel Brettell

Volume 54, No. 1, February 2016

  • Editorial Comment; Where the flamingoes fly and the palm trees stir idly in the balmy breeze
  • Bill Adcocks talks to “Track Stats” about the two-hour marathon, his Olympic experience, professionalism, “stickability” and the Africans
  • How the best 100 metres runners rank – in Great Britain, the Commonwealth, Europe and the World - Trevor Clowes
  • Nothing could match the magnificence, the blinding brilliance of Snell ... yet was it all worth it? - Norman Harris
  • From first-class hurdler to top-class cop: the athletics career of Joseph Simpson - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Fred, the East End fireman, blazing the trail for His Lordship (Fred Blackett) - Bob Phillips
  • From 4:10 per man to under 3:36: how the 4 x 1500 metres record has improved
  • National records – 4 x 1500 metres relay - Miguel Villaseñor
  • Unravelling the abiding mysteries surrounding Britain’s first noted woman shot-putter (Bevis Shergold) - Bob Phillips
  • “Flying all over the place” – how I won the US Championships single-handed - Mildred “Babe” Didrikson
  • The Jack Price story: a revised view of the 1908 Olympic marathon - Charles Gains
  • Jack Price’s marathon-running career - Alex Wilson
  • Into the abyss: athletes as victims of war - Michael Sheridan
  • Book Reviews: Dorothy Tyler’s biography, World all-time rankings - Ian Tempest, Bob Phillips
  • Progress in women’s miling 1967 to 1972 - Thomas S. Hurst & Stuart Mazdon
  • Australia’s “vegetarian marvel” who allegedly ran a World-record mile in 1942 (George Campbell)
  • Revealed! The identity of the joyous jumper