AAA Indoor Medallists - Walks

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First Second Third
One Mile Walk
1936Albert Cooper6:59.4 NIRHarry ChurcherR. Edon
1937-96 No walk held or the walk was a non-championship event
3000 Metres Walk
1997Andrew Penn12:14.42Pierce O'Callaghan IRL12:32.60Noel Carmody13:03.64
1998Martin Bell12:08.61Pierce O'Callaghan IRL12:12.67Andi Drake12:23.13
1999Andi Drake11:56.72Martin Bell11:59.59Robert Heffernan IRL12:43.71
2000Robert Heffernan IRL11:38.20Martin Bell12:03.12Andrew Penn12:10.08
2001Robert Heffernan IRL11:19.27Andi Drake12:02.24Jamie Costin IRL12:07.05
2002Robert Heffernan IRL11:10.02Colin Griffin IRL11:46.03Andi Drake11:58.49
2003-14 No walk held
2015Tom Bosworth11:30.35Callum Wilkinson12:24.38Creighton Connolly CAN12:25.68
2016Tom Bosworth10:58.21 NIRChristopher Snook13:12.24Tom Partington13:17.58
5000 Metres Walk
2017Tom Bosworth18:39.47 NIRCallum Wilkinson19:49.23Fredrik Vaeng RÝtnes NOR20:51.15
2018Tom Bosworth18:28.70 NIRCameron Corbishley20:57.26Christopher Snook22:42.76
2019Tom Bosworth19:22.36Cameron Corbishley20:29.40Christopher Snook21:41.47
2020Tom Bosworth18:20.97 NIRTom Partington22:17.26Luc Legon23:00.52
2021not held
3000 Metres Walk
2022Christopher Snook12:27.27Tom Partington12:41.43Luc Legon13:15.66

Top Medallists
1st 2nd 3rd Total Medals Years Year Span
Tom Bosworth662015-20205
Robert Heffernan IRL3141999-20023
Andi Drake11241998-20024
Christopher Snook11242016-20226

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