Metric Conversion Tables

(For Imperial to Metric measurements in Throwing events and Horizontal Jumps)

Source registration in 1-inch units
Source registration in 1/2-inch units
Source registration in 1/4-inch units

The following shows the appropriate Table to use for Long Throws, depending on the period in which the given performance was recorded, for meetings held under A.A.A. Rules for Competition:

Pre-19481/4-inch Table
1948-531/2-inch Table - but 1/4-inch Table for distances under 100 ft.
1954-581-inch Table *
1959-651/2-inch Table
1966+1-inch Table

* The 1-inch Table applies also for Shot under A.A.A. Rules in this period. Note, however, that I.A.A.F. Rules applied for international competition in the United Kingdom.

Under I.A.A.F. Rules, from 1949 to 1964 half-inch units of registration applied, but quarter-inch units for distances below 100 feet. From 1965 fractions of an inch were no longer registered for the Long Throws.

Under W.A.A.A. Rules, quarter-inch units of registration continued in use until 1953, then half-inch units until 1965.

Note also that from the 1960s onwards there was an increasing tendency for measurements to be made in both systems, until metric officially took over. It must be accepted, moreover, that individual meetings produced results which indicated that strict adherence to the rules was not always observed. Users of these Tables should use their own judgement in specific cases....