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2011 Editions

Volume 49, No. 4, December 2011

  • Did Violet Piercy run a valid 3:40:22 marathon in 1926? - John Brant, Andy Milroy, Kevin Kelly, Peter Lovesey, Alex Wilson
  • "It must be hoped that no other girl will be foolish enough to imitate her" - Peter Lovesey
  • The World's great wonder, taking the record seconds under - Don Macgregor
  • The days of Hill and Mountain at their peak (Albert Hill, Edgar Mountain) - W.L. Sinclair
  • Making up his mind for a share of the plums to fall his way (G.L. Morgan) - W.L. Sinclair
  • His Lordship's master, the No.1 400 metres hurdler of the 1920s (F. Morgan Taylor) - Don M Groome
  • British athletes in "Track and Field News" World Merit Rankings - Stuart Mazdon
  • Britain's javelin maestro: almost 60 years of competition and coaching (Colin Smith) - Bob Phillips
  • The alchemy works: memories of Captain Mack and Ken Brookman
  • At last! The truth behind the torch ceremony at the 1948 Olympics (John Fairgrieve) - David Thurlow
  • The Progressive British All-Time Top Ten List for the Mile - 1972 to 2010 - Bob Phillips
  • The Progressive British All-Time Top Ten - 3 miles - Bob Phillips
  • Further thoughts on the HMA biography- John Bromhead
  • Always in tip-top trim: Percy Kirwan, a fine Irish long jumper of 100 years ago
  • Duty nobly done: the valiant miler so often in the footsteps of Wooderson and Lovelock (Bernard Ecles) - A. Ballard Peck
  • Book Reviews (Biographies of John Tarrant and Ken Jones, the Much Wenlock Olympics, History of Dartford Harriers, Don Macgregor's autobiography) - David Thurlow, Peter Lovesey, Wilf Morgan

Volume 49, No. 3, September 2011

Harold Abrahams: His Biography
  • The magnificent but turbulent life of the Olympic God,
    Master of the Stop-watch (the biography reviewed) - David Thurlow
  • On tour to Eastern Europe with HMA and Achilles in 1922 - David Thurlow
  • In search of 25 feet: HMA's other career in athletics - Bob Phillips
  • The 1952 Olympic 1500 metres. Coping with three races in three days - Bob Phillips
Other features
  • The legacy of Ken Pridie: considerable lustre, as a surgeon and on the sports field
  • Progressive British All-Time Top Ten for the discus, 1911 to 1971
  • No gold medals, but still plenty to cheer about under the pouring rain
    (Britain's athletes at the 1948 Olympic Games) - David Thurlow
  • Further thoughts on the early days of the men's pentathlon - Rooney Magnusson
  • The career record of Kelly Holmes - Thomas S. Hurst
  • Britain's "fourth man" in the era of Metcalfe and Brightwell (Ken Wilcock) - Bob Phillips
  • British All-Time Top Ten Lists, Indoors - Stan Greenberg
  • George Blake: Australia's first great Olympic distance runner, Part I - Andy Milroy
  • Leslie Pinder, the mystery all-rounder
  • Further Book Reviews (Mel Watman's AAA History, Sport's Hidden Mathematics, Manfred Holzhausen's World record-holders for the Women's long jump and triple jump)

Volume 49, No. 2, June 2011

  • Progressive British All-Time Top Ten for the Mile, 1911-1971
  • Racing until the age of 80, Still sprinting between lamp-posts at 90. The Olympian of 63 years ago never rests (Jack Braughton) - David Thurlow
  • Face-to-face with David Thurlow: his interviews over the years
  • The 1945 season of Private First Class Dillard, master sharp-shooter of the "Buffalo Division" (Harrison Dillard) - Marco Martini
  • Good racing, good companionship, and a trophy from the flying ace: Gunder Hagg's 1943 US tour - Don M Groome
  • Dodds's downfall, Sink's rise: contrasting fortunes for the Olympic contenders of 1948 - I.E.G. Green
  • Dick Moms - from nowhere to the Olympics in six races! - Bob Phillips
  • Determined to have a go - how "Athletics Weekly" was started in 1945 - P. W. Green
  • The first issue of "Athletics" magazine
  • No two-footed stodginess for him: how Stan Scarsbrook challenged Salford's supremacy
  • A golden year for Coe and Ovett: the boyhood confessions of an athletics fanatic - Thomas S. Hurst
  • A training session with a man who ran in the first sub-4 mile - Les Crouch
  • His fastest 100 yards in 1938, his fastest 100 metres 11 years later! (Bob Roach) - A. Ballard Peck
  • The race-walker to remember from more than a century ago (H.L.V. Ross) - Colin Young
  • Who was the greatest? Let's settle it! Or "How to stick one's neck out" - Richard Szreter
  • Could an Australian man of principle be the best sprinter before Jesse Owens? (James Carlton) - Bob Phillips
  • The "pin-up girl" of the sprints who lived to be the oldest Olympian (Eileen Wearne) - Bob Phillips
  • "Chariots of Fire" reassessed, 30 years on
  • Rivalries, passions, tensions - the postwar revival of road-relay racing - Wilf Morgan
  • The hazards of indoor athletics in London in 1919
  • The longest surviving performances in Britain's Top Fifty
  • UK Men's Ranking Lists 1930-1939 - Keith Morbey
  • Book Reviews (ATFS Annual, NUTS decathlon book)

Volume 49, No. 1, April 2011

  • The complex case of the banning and reinstatement of Foekje Dillema - John W. Brant
  • In Britain it was just a hobby, but for the Russians he was a "Master of Sport" (Jack Parker) - David Thurlow
  • Hanging on, gritting your teeth, giving it your all: the making of the other Australian World record-breaker of 1958 (Albie Thomas) - Bob Phillips
  • Remembering Doug Wilson, fine sportsman, great companion - David Thurlow
  • Making his first GB appearance in 1933, he waited 17 years for his next ! (Edward benison) - Bob Phillips
  • Running old and new - a 10-year-old's view - Katie Thompson
  • Interesting lines of inquiry dating back to the 1908 London Olympics - Wilf Morgan
  • Kenya's early javelin-throwers ... and the first Fijian javelin-thrower - Tony Isaacs
  • The London AC tour of Sweden 1911: revealing an unknown British discus record - Rooney Magnusson
  • More about Alfred Flaxman and four turns with the hammer
  • A fake rather than a matter of mis-reporting (S.J.M. Atkinson) - Rooney Magnusson
  • Discovering the first million-point man: amazing decathlon statistics on the Internet - Stuart Mazdon
  • Trends in 21St Century women's marathon running - K Ken Nakamura
  • Maurice Morrell's memories of Cosford dating back to 1952
  • Like a tale of two cities: the career of Carolina Klüft - Thomas S. Hurst
  • They were not just champion athletes - Mel Watman
  • No Gent, and not so gentlemanly - Oscar Vecchi
  • Napoleon apart, the South Caribbean's best sprinter of the 1930s (J.R.N. Cumberbatch) - Bernard Linley
  • Book reviews (books by Ian Tempest, Janusz Waśko and John W. Brant, Manfred Holzhausen, Anna Nicholas, James Mulligan and Aditya Kumar)