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2012 Editions

Volume 50, No. 4, October 2012

London 2012: Emotion recollected in tranquility!
  • Editorial Comment: "Look at me! I'm the champion! I'm Mo! I'm Jess!"
  • And who was the fastest British 5000 metres runner? No, no, no! It wasn't Mo!
  • But which was the most successful nation?
  • Only a memory now, but what superb performances and races! Even the lions in Kenya would have growled in applause - David Thurlow
  • The centre of something special. An overt demonstration of how athletics works - Ian Tempest
  • In the leisured footsteps of King Charles
  • Oh, and by the way, there were UK All-Comers' records in 24 events! - K. Ken Nakamura
  • The week that followed Walcott's win - Bernard Linley
Other features
  • Lion-hearted to the fight - one of the rare breed of sprinter/long jumpers (James Thwaite) - Bob Phillips
  • Progressive UK All-Comers' Records Outdoors: Part I - 100 yards/100 metres to 2000 metres - Thomas S. Hurst
  • The Arena in Milan: Napoleon's legacy, Beccali's inheritance, Harbig's triumph - Bob Phillips
  • A British decathlon best performance uncovered from more than 80 years ago
  • "The King of Clubs": the 19th Century races of Dr Henry Munro - Alex Wilson
  • The career of Harold Abrahams, Part III - Andrew Huxtable
  • An alternative view of British progress at 1500 metres and one mile - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • Book Reviews: the biography of B. Howard Baker, sport in York; the demise of the British Athletics Federation; Heptathlon & Pentathlon - Ian Tempest, Wilf Morgan
  • World records set, or not set, by composite teams over the years - I.E.G. Green
  • The Native Canadian distance-runners of the Olympic Games of 1912 - Don M. Groome
  • Rose blooms again: the World record missing for a century - Jacques Carmelli

Volume 50, No. 3, July 2012

  • Editorial Comment
  • Olympic historical review by Ian Tempest and Stuart Mazdon, with Peter Matthews
  • The Olympic Games - All British Athletics Results Since 1896
  • The Olympic Games - All British Results, Event By Event, Men (29 pages)
  • The Olympic Games - All British Results, Event By Event, Women (11 pages)
  • The Olympic Games - All British Results, Notes
  • Britain's Olympic "Records" - The Editor
  • Guest Book Review: the biography of Arthur Wint by his daughter - John Parlett
  • Guest Book Reviews: Britain & the Olympics, Chris Brasher's biography - David Thurlow
  • Guest Book Review: the highs and lows of a marathon addict - Peter Lovesey
  • Book Reviews: the biography of Tom Carruthers, the ATFS Annual, Stan Greenberg's Olympic Almanack, Manfred Holzhausen's statistics handbook - The Editor
  • The competitive career of Harold Abrahams: Part II, 1921 to 1925 - Andrew Huxtable, with Rooney Magnusson

2012 Track Stats Special (A4 format)

  • A Games so different ... or, perhaps, the more they change throughout a century the more they remain the same
  • Great Britain's athletics team at the 1912 Olympic Games
  • The British media at the Games
  • The 28 countries represented in the 1912 Olympic athletics events
  • The athletics events at the 1912 Olympic Games: a day-by-day description with complete results
  • Plenty of records ... but a good Games? The verdict of the man from 'The Times'
  • The 1912 Olympic athletics medallists
  • Could this be why the US reigns supreme
  • A revelation from 'Jackers', the flamboyant novice. An enchantment for Baker, the pace-maker/peace-maker
  • After the Games were over
  • An 'inches' finish to the relay. A pattern to be repeated 92 years later
  • The 'professional slaves of this great orgy of athletics, let them observe moderation

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Read Ian Tempest's review of the book here.


Volume 50, No. 2, April 2012

  • A will that vibrated down the track, a sprinting action of faultless harmony (Jack London and Harry Edward) - Bob Phillips
  • Unexpected advice from the local bobby. 'Clothing should be removed for a run around a secluded garden' (George Larner) - A. Ballard Peck
  • Can a mile be walked in 5 minutes?
  • Walking fairly? Treated unfairly? (Alf Yeoumans)
  • Facing the Olympic challenge again at the age of 48 ... and doing what he set out to do (Tebbs Lloyd Johnson)
  • Malcolm McInnes - scholar, intellectual, writer, musician and athlete - John W. Keddie
  • Rare photographs of 1908 US Olympians
  • The first women's international matches of the early 1920s - John W. Brant
  • The first Pan-American Games of 1937 - Don M Groome
  • The 'other' generation of British quarter-milers of the early 1950s (Les Lewis, Derek Pugh) - Bob Phillips
  • My Training for the Quarter-mile - Les Lewis
  • Three Olympic track wins but a mysteriously forgotten Olympic champion (Edgar Bredin)
  • A record-breaking javelin career that started with a bamboo pole and a nail (John Greasley)
  • Progressive British All-Time Top Ten - Javelin, 1930 to 1970
  • After 52 years Dixie Willis at last finishes her Olympic 800 metres of 1960 - Paul Jenes, Richard Hymans, Len Johnson, Trevor Vincent, Bill Mallon
  • The competitive career of Harold Abrahams - Andrew Huxtable, Rooney Magnusson
  • A torch for Melbourne which was lit half-a-century before (George Blake - Part III) - Andy Milroy
  • Guttmann's legacy: the early history of the Paralympics and Stoke Mandeville - Ian Tempest
  • Charlie Harper, self-professed 'Champion Sprinter of England' and an FA Cup-winning trainer
  • A different era of distance-running (photo feature)

Volume 50, No. 1, February 2012

  • Editorial comment: Sparring with the facts
  • Harold Wood, Wigan miner, World-ranked marathon runner
  • The upright, distinguished Squire of the marathon from London's east end (Squire Yarrow) - Bob Phillips
  • Who is the fastest marathon runner right now? - K Ken Nakamura
  • Memories of the marathon at the Olympic Games of 1906 and 1908 (George Blake) - Andy Milroy
  • The reality of the life of Dora Ratjen - John Brant
  • Women's High Jump: World All-Time List as at 31 December 1938 - John Brant
  • Turn of the Century - Runners of Renown I
    The Shapwick Express reaches journey's end late - 111 years late, to be precise (Charles Bennett) - Bob Phillips
  • Charles Bennett's races 1885 to 1900 - Alex Wilson
  • Turn of the Century - Runners of Renown 2
    Britain's first Olympic marathon finisher: his true identity revealed (James Cormack) - Alex Wilson
  • Turn of the Century - Runners of Renown 3
    Cornwallis of Arabia. Champion half-miler, maker of a King, master of rebels (Kinahan Cornwallis)
  • Book Reviews - Peter Lovesey, Ian Tempest, Andrew Huxtable
  • The career record of Tom Nicolson - Oscar Vecchi
  • AAA Championships: Statistical Supplement - Ian Tempest
  • Compiling a county all-time list - Keith Burchell
  • Jack Probert, 1920s high jumper - David Barrington