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This is the quarterly bulletin of the NUTS which has been published since 1963. It was originally named NUTS Notes and changed its name to Track Stats in 1982. It is an A5 booklet with usually 64 pages per edition. Its coverage extends to the history and statistics of athletics worldwide, and ideas for articles are welcomed by the editor. To subscribe, you simply need to join the NUTS.

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Subjects planned for 2023 include the following:

The most durable British sprinter, Meyrick Chapman; Josef Waitzer, the man behind the Three Stripes; the true identity of Olympic marathon champion El Ouafi; Joie Ray, running marathons and dancing them; the first of the Baltic javelin throwers; Joy Jordan, between Leather and Packer; Charles Pellew, wartime long-jump champion and Test cricketer.

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Volume 61, No. 4, November 2023

  • Editorial Comment - Remembering Reitz, Hackney, Fell
  • Those "engaging" World Championships. But just how good were they? - The Editor
  • The competing nations at the World Championships: How did they fare? - Trevor Clowes
  • My most vivid memories of those World Championships. A view from the USA - Ian Brooks
  • Bol and Ingebrigtsen: World champions who have been breaking long-lasting records - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • Catching up the men. A race walker leads the way. Faith still has work to do!
  • Szabó I and Szabó II at 2000 metres, a Hungarian speciality of the 1930s revived - I.E.G. Green
  • An ever vigilant eye-witness through the years to "much magnificent athletics" (Peter Matthews)
  • In the shadow of HMA, an honourable career in long jumping. Then taking on the Higginson family in the triple jump (William Childs) - The Editor, John Edwards and Trevor Clowes
  • Cadbury's treat: H.A. Langley, "A great enthusiast for all these field events"
  • From Sidney Abrahams to Fred Alsop. The progress of the English record in the hop step and jump. But where was Howard Baker?
  • On the nomad's trail. A marathon-running dynasty from distant Djibouti - The Editor
  • Lona of the Canal Zone: not the "greatest in the world", yet intriguing even so (Lona Rathbone) - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • "All kinds of athletics". The colonialist influence in Kenya in the 1920s - The Editor
  • The crowd yells, "Take your time, Miss! You'll do it!" The career of teenage record-breaker Phyllis Green - John Brant-Johnson
  • In a nation's brief existence, winning an AAA title (Saarland)
  • Higgins is the winner! Yes, but which Higgins? 1950s quarter-miling confusion - The Editor
  • The curious progression of the English Native 440 yards record from 1889 to 1961
  • The leading 400 metres runners of Olympic year 1956 - nation by nation
  • The 400 metres at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics
  • "Pretty hot going". A wartime half-miling discovery in the soft sands of Egypt (Tom White)
  • W.H.R. Longhurst, cleanly over 104 hurdles - Peter Lovesey
  • In the foot-prints of the "American Deer" - Warren Roe
  • Progressive British 400 metres performers at major meetings - Trevor Clowes
  • Whatever happened to this British-born Olympic medallist? The strange story of Emile Ali Khan
  • Who holds the record for backwards jumping? "Ask Dave Terry" was the answer
  • 40,000 books! Kevin Kelly and his collecting habit
  • A.G.K's selfless North American adventure a year after Olympic gold
  • The first ever top 100 British rankings - Norris & Ross McWhirter and Ian Buchanan
  • Chris Brasher beats Don Macmillan (1954 photograph)

Volume 61, No. 3, August 2023

  • Editorial comment:This new game of giving it a shove from behind
  • No shattering performances. Comprehending those confusing contortions of a fascinating implement (British javelin-throwing 1930s-1950s) - The Editor
  • Frederick Pidgeon: in the British team a year after being released from p.o.w. camp
  • Lionel Woolner: an Empire javelin-thrower playing his part in patriotic film production
  • Willem Hertzog: no Empire Games place for the best all-rounder in the country
  • Hamish MacKillop: true Scots name, born in Jamaica, and yet an English native record-holder
  • One rainy afternoon in Bedfordshire (F.A.M. Webster)
  • Reginald Eyles: the least known record-holder when 150 feet was a decent javelin throw
  • The turbulent lives of the javelin throwers from the oppressed shores of the Baltic
  • A Latvian's lament: in frustrating exile: 60,000 people and never a discus or javelin in sight (Janis Stendzenieks)
  • The phantom javelin records of F.A.M. Webster - Stuart Mazdon
  • 70 javelin national records - 70 years ago - Stuart Mazdon
  • Helen Stephens, "The Fulton Flash". The greatest female sprinter ever - John Brant-Johnston
  • The 12th Centurion. The 1st Centenarian; The long life (very long life) of Billy Brown - I.E.G. Green
  • At the AAA Championships of 1923. L.H. Phillips, a surprising hurdles champion
  • A hurdle too far? The sporting career of a future airborne c.o. (F.A.M. Browning)
  • A tale of three pictures - the AAA 100 yards final of a century ago - John W. Keddie
  • Squire Whately, the earliest of the Centenarians (Arthur Whately)
  • F.J. Kelley, his life story continued - John Edwards
  • What did you do last winter? Combining competition and culture. Memories of Jazmin and George (European Indoor Championships 2023) - Katie Thompson, Joe Phillips
  • "Merry" Chapman, Buckinghamshire farmer, Britain's most durable sprinter - The Editor
  • Meyrick Chapman's Olympian neighbour (Tommy Humphreys)
  • J. Armour Milne a true statistics pioneer
  • No fire call could have startled them more. My first win against the men of experience - Joe Binks
  • In the slow lane. How Europe's 400 metres runners are lagging behind - Thomas S. Hurst
  • Book Reviews (John Brant-Johnston's women endurance athletes, ATFS Annual)
  • Progressive British 200 metres performances at major meetings - Trevor Clowes
  • Harold Fox found, with no middle name - Stuart Mazdon

Volume 61, No. 2, June 2023

  • Editorial comment: From the Rift Valley to the Yorkshire Dales
  • Ken Wood - a profile in prose and pictures. "What a wasted potential!", said Ibbotson - Bob Phillips
  • The 141 Britons sub-3min 40sec for 1500 metres in chronological order - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • GB's 1500 metres runners sub-3min 35.00sec in chronological order - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • "Sorry, Doctor, but we hope that the Fijian will win"; The career of Harold Moody
  • Shot put 1950-2022. Trends remain much the same
  • Scottish rugby players and athletes, 1919-1939 - John W. Keddie
  • Charles Hoff, the athlete of the year a century ago - way up under (and over) the Pole
  • Progressive British 100 metres performers at major meetings - Trevor Clowes
  • Harry Askew: a competitive career lasting 17 years, then a controversial ,headmastership - Bob Phillips, Neil Shuttleworth
  • Harry Griffin: Lungs of steel in Lakeland - Neil Shuttleworth
  • Totally hooked. My involvement in the Olympics, 1948 to 2020 - Stan Greenberg
  • The opening salvo in the battle ,of the three stripes (Josef Waitzer) - Bob Phillips
  • The lone unbeaten Briton in a Cologne debacle (Thomas Langton-Lockton) - Bob Phillips
  • Patience, perseverance. The vitrues of the friend of Zátopeki's wiyth an equal zest for life (J. Armour Milne) - Bob Phillips
  • Kelley from the Consulate. A considerable pole vaulting influence of the late 1920s (Franklin Kelley)
  • Master cobbler. Master planner. "One of the most effective vaulters I have ever seen" (Oscar Sutermeister)
  • One fine Friday in Fresno. A record-breaking hurdler in the shadow of Dillard (Dick Attlesey) - Don M. Groome
  • Women athletes in the forefront of World War II: "Auntie Go" and an aviation pioneer (Evelyne De Greef, Sébastienne Guyot) - John W. Brant
  • When Gordon met Christine (Gordon McKenzie, Christine Slemon) - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • ... And when our Gordon met their Wes (Gordon Pirie, Wes Santee) - Bob Phillips
  • Thomas Langton-Lockton photograph

Volume 61, No. 1, March 2023

  • Editorial Comment: Who ranks No.700? Who would like to know?
  • The audacious first American women's international team at the 1922 Paris "Olympics" - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • Jeux Olympiques Féminins, Paris 20 August 1922 - abbreviated results
  • Paris 1921. Madame Milliat and the formative years of women's athletics - Mike Dagg-Jenden
  • The 77-year reign of Simone Chapoteau. Yet more long-lasting records - John W. Brant, Stuart Mazdon
  • Fred Plumm said, "Girls, you can do it", and they earned the fruits of their labours (women's relays 1950s) - The Editor
  • A world record-holder for Britain, then an "All-American" road-running suffragette (Christine Slemon-McKenzie)
  • "Chukken" - a forgotten 1930s half-miler (Charles Hornbostel)
  • The "Bulldog" from the "Big Country" (Elmer Gray)
  • Gilda's glory, fighting ridicule and insults (Gilda Jannacone)
  • Harold V. Fox, Britain's least known postwar international half-miler
  • True identities revealed: Armenia and Lakeland - Rooney Magnusson, Neil Shuttleworth
  • The Army's mysterious and precocious all-rounder, S.J. Murphy. Not James but definitely Sydney! - John Edwards
  • Odde man in. England's Nordic exponent of the "trestegsprang" (John Odde) - Stein Opdahl, The Editor
  • Book Reviews: 19th century pedestriennes, Roger Robinson's running stories, The making of the marathon - Peter Lovesey, The Editor
  • Athletes and Rugby players. Scottish multi-sports competitors 1883-1914 - John W. Keddie
  • The versatile athletics career of Lewis Pendleton Sheldon - Oscar Vecchi
  • Thomas Conneff's remarkable ž-mile of 1895. A question of measurement - Rooney Magnusson
  • Long jumpers worth remembering The Editor
  • One short seasonof athletics, then Test centuries for Australia against England (Clarence Pellew)
  • A revelation from Oxford "with all the action of a born leaper" says the "Daily News" reporter (Jim Morrish)
  • An "Olympic hope" at 15. Then another Briton at his best in wartime (Marcus Dowling)
  • Fanciful Olympic marathon team winners
  • Owens No.1, as expected, and only Zelezny turns the table upside down (Hungarian Scoring Tables)
  • Orange, amber and russet. In the footsteps of John Keats. The early years of Cumbrian road-racing - Neil Shuttleworth
  • "A hero of the brewery and foundry boys": Billy Clarke and the crouch start - Oscar Vecchi
  • The 1922 US women - team photographs

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