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Just published - British Athletics 2024

Josh Kerr

The 66th NUTS Annual, edited by Tony Miller and Stuart Mazdon
Deep UK ranking lists for all age groups in 2023, top 12 merit rankings, all-time lists, results etc.
The annual is now 473 pages and includes short-track events in the records and all-time lists, including for junior age categories.
Price is 16 plus postage (3.74 UK, other nations vary)

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    Track Stats

Latest Edition of Track Stats

featuring: retrospectives of the World Championships in Budapest; tributes to Peter Matthews, Dave Terry and Kevin Kelly; Kenya in the 1920s, Djibouti at the marathon and Saarland as a nation; record progressions at triple jump and 440 yards; 400 metres in 1956 and British best performances at major championships; Phyllis Green, world record high jumper; William Childs, H.A. Langley, Lona Rathbone, Tom White, W.H.R. Longhurst, Emile Ali Khan and others

Scanned publications available to view or download as PDF files

NUTS Event Booklets

Statistical histories of UK athletics
by event, with amendments and

British Athletics Handbooks

Essential supplement to the
NUTS Annual for 4 years

A.A.A. Club Newsletter

19 scanned copies 1959 to 1970

British top 1000 all-time performances at Topsinathletics.info

Rob Whittingham's compilation of very deep lists is in progress

A Difference In Times, by David Thurlow

A Difference In Times

David Thurlow interviewed more than forty former stars of British athletics, most of them Olympians, for "Track Stats". These are now collected in this profusely illustrated book. The candid and entertaining memories span the period between the 1920s and the 1970s. They include Sydney Wooderson, Dorothy Tyler, Derek Ibbotson, Sir Chris Chataway and Lord Terence Higgins. In many cases these were their last published interviews, a unique record of what it was like to compete when the sport was strictly amateur. With hindsight gained by earning their living in other fields, these likeable veterans give fascinating comments on the way the sport has developed. Fully indexed and with an introduction and afterword on the interviewer, David Thurlow.
Price is 9.99 plus postage (2.99 UK, other nations vary)

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1866 and all that... by Peter Radford


1866 and all that... by Peter Radford

The whole story of the world's first national athletics championships, with complete results.

Available from the author for 6.36 inc p&p., contact

British Athletics 1866-80 by Peter Lovesey and Keith Morbey

British Athletics 1866-80 by Peter Lovesey and Keith Morbey

254 A5 pages, with complete results of the AAC Championships 1866 to 1879, and painstakingly constructed yearlists for each year to 1880.

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About The NUTS

The organisation was founded in January 1958, based on the same lines as the A.T.F.S., and similarly devoted to the collection and dissemination of statistics in Track & Field Athletics. The first comprehensive U.K. annual lists were published in Athletics Weekly at the end of 1958, and these formed the basis of British Athletics 1959, which was published by the British Amateur Athletics Board.

As the authoritative compendium on U.K. athletics statistics, and widely known as "The N.U.T.S. Annual", British Athletics has been produced each year since 1959. The title was changed to U.K. Athletics from 1974-1982 (when published by the N.U.T.S.), reverting to its original name from 1983 (once again under the aegis of the B.A.A.B.). The Annual was published by Umbra Software Limited from 1993 to 2010 and by the NUTS themselves from 2011.

All-Time lists for both senior and junior age-groups have been produced at regular intervals, and there has also been a thriving Bulletin, originally entitled N.U.T.S. Notes but now known as Track Stats, and in its 52nd year of publication. Follow the menu for information about publications.

The organisation is governed by its own Constitution under an Executive Committee comprising Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a minimum of 8 other members. These officers, who are all voluntary, are elected each year.

How To Join

Membership includes subscription to the NUTS quarterly magazine Track Stats. Members may also purchase copies of the British Athletics annual at a reduced rate.

A membership application form is available as an Adobe Acrobat document.

For more information about membership of the organisation, please contact the Membership Secretary, whose details are listed below.

Progressive British All-Time Top Tens

Spreadsheets are available that complement the series of articles in Track Stats.

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ChairmanPeter Matthews

SecretaryStuart Mazdon

TreasurerDon Turner

Membership Secretary     Liz Sissons


Founding members (31 January 1958)

ChairmanAlf Wilkins
SecretaryMel Watman
Others attendingStan Greenberg
Martin James
Bob Sparks
Colin Young

CommitteeThe first meeting was held on 2 April 1958, the above named being joined by Len Gebbett and Chris Lindsay.

TreasurerPeter May was elected later in 1958.

PresidentHarold Abrahams C.B.E. was Hon. President from 1960-1977

Norris McWhirter C.B.E. succeeded H.M.A. in 1979, following the latter's death in January 1978.

Sir Eddie Kulukundis succeeded N.D.McW. in 2004, following the latter's death in April 2004.

Peter Radford became President in 2009, with Sir Eddie continuing as President Emeritus.

N.U.T.S. OFFICERS (1958 to date)

Year     ChairmanSecretaryTreasurer
1958Alf WilkinsMel WatmanPeter May
1960Len GebbettPat BrianAlf Wilkins
1963ditto Peter Hopkinsditto
1965Les Crouchdittoditto
1967Alf Wilkinsdittoditto
1968Bob Phillipsdittoditto
1969dittoAndrew HuxtableBrian Nott
1970Peter Hopkinsdittoditto
1974Bob Sparksdittoditto
1979dittodittoRichard Hymans
1980Peter MatthewsDavid Martinditto
1982dittoDavid Wilkinsonditto
1984dittoAndrew Clatworthyditto
1985Les CrouchdittoSandra Squires
1990dittoDavid MartinAndrew Clatworthy
1991dittoShirley HitchcockJohn Powell
2001Peter Matthewsdittoditto
2002dittodittoDon Turner
2017dittoStuart Mazdonditto